Care for a legal LSD sister with similar effects like real LSD? This legal high seems to exist, its name 1P-LSD.

chemical structure of 1P-LSD


Momentarily you can still acquire a legal LSD sister.

The legal LSD sister, a LSD similar substance comes by the name of 1P-LSD. 1P-LSD is a legal psychedelic, a so called new psychoactive substance or legal high. The chemical structure of legal highs are similar to prohibited substances. As a rule legal highs are legally sold as long as Berlin prohibits a new pile. Then nifty chemists create new, slightly different legal highs. These new legal highs again can be acquired legally for some time, and so on.

Wether legal highs should generally be viewed critical since these are ‘new’ remains anyone’s judgement. With regard to other things e.g. technology, this is clearly valued positive. Say, a new generation of cells, although only slightly different from the old generation is hailed exultantly- and sold out in a wink. Fact is even traditional illegalised substances have neither instruction leaflet nor monitoring of quality. However, one distinctive difference to legal highs is that with illegalised substances that have been around for decades (e.g. ecstasy), centuries (e.g. cocaine), or even millenia (e.g. cannabis) and been used by man, we have extensive knowledge and experience. Which is definitively not true for legal highs, and also not true for this legal LSD sister substance.

Yet without a doubt, 1P-LSD is chemically closely related to LSD and can be really acquired in online shops as a research chemical since 2015. This substance is included with the ergolines, more precisely the lysergides. Structurally it differs from LSD only through one added N1-propionyl-group.

We know that users described 1P-LSD’s effects as very similar to the original. Described differences would be a somewhat shorter, weaker impact as well as a somewhat longer time until effects take control. Some users further said 1P-LSD seemed more friendly than LSD, though some missed the original’s particular components.

So, as there is hardly any information on this substance, use certainly poses a risk. As one expects with a legal high, of course there are neither lots of reliable reports by users nor reliable scientific studies. Furthermore, we should keep in mind that the status of being legally available says nothing about wanted effects, quality or purity. To be legal and closely related does not (always) compute into being the same, or being good.


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