Her twisted black light paintings often break the strict rules of symmetry, sometimes rather subtle, sometimes very obvious. In consequence, her work is characterized by a very organic and natural flow. With her project Nativelizardape, Katrin Biewer-Guttbier from the German city of Coblenz gives expression to her deep passion for fluorescent party decoration for already more than a decade.

Do you have a typical workflow?

I like to let myself go when painting, not thinking about what I am doing but just let it flow. I am a very spiritual person and my paintings give expression to this attitude towards life and my environment. Each of my pictures is based on some experience, a vision or an expectation of mine. I am experiencing my environment very intensely and painting gives me the possibility to reflect these experiences. Often the actual subject of a painting only becomes apparent once I have finished it. In this way I am learning new things about myself, it is sort of natural Trance.

How did this evolve, what was your artistic career?

I started painting in 1998. During the summer of that year I experienced my first outdoor party and was immediately filled with enthusiasm for the world of fluorescent colours. So I started some experiments myself and did my first blankets and objects. Soon I got invited to decorate some events. After a few years I took a break from the scene. But some time ago I finally returned to my roots. The old spirit returned immediately and now creating new black light decoration is even more fun than ever before!

So what is your current project?

At the moment I am working on my outdoor decoration for the next open air season. It will consist of many blankets and banners and also some nice objects.


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