Neelix  in the mushroom time machine

After more than 21 years of mushroom magazine we are now diving into the past with the new mushroom time machine. We will be sharing interesting articles which were published way back in time. Articles can include features with artists, cool interviews, and other fun stuff! For this episode of the mushroom time machine we have Neelix. It’s an article from mushroom magazine edition December 2005.

About Neelix

Hamburg based artist Henrik Twardzik, better known as Neelix started to produce music in the early 1998. After DJing for some years he finally decided to create his own sound.

His first track he recorded was “Neelix – The Fourth”, released on a NOVA TEKK compilation called Maverixx in 2002 which was followed by numerous releases on different labels from all around the globe.

Untill now Henrik has released 3 albums and many singles. The third album “Same thing but different” is already released on Millennium Records. Besides Henrik also belongs to the founders of the hamburg based label Glamour Studios.

He has already played at many big open air and indoor events in germany and in countrys like sweden – ungary – denmark – greece swiss – austria – uk – belgium – netherlands – israel and mexico.


Dive into the Neelix sound


The complete mushroom magazine with Neelix article inside

Neelix on Facebook

More about Neelix you can find on the Neelix Facebook page.
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2 weeks ago


I miss rave!
Here some dance floor for you. Music from „Neelix - Birth“. Check link in bio.
And I miss familiar faces!
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Master , we love your music so much , we would really appreciate a livestream to enhance our spirits!🙏

Hello! Where can I buy such a bag? It should be for Hungary. Thanks for your help! 🙂

Amazing Set! Happy birthday! Thanks for this song. 🙏

miss this vibration that you transmit 💕💕

We miss it too!

We miss you too Neelix, hope to see you soon❤️

King Neelix we salut you! And i think we all can agree that all dancefloors miss your magic to sir!

We miss YOU TOO ❤😣

You never let us down!🥇

We too👻 du kommst schon gleich zu uns in die Schweiz 🇨🇭... macht dich auf uns tanzwütigen gefasst- wir haben Nachholbedarf 😏🤪

Um dia nelix eu vou estar presente no seu set.. nao tenho condição mais o amor pela música eletrônica nao me deixa desistir..

es wird #Žeit das der ganze #Spuk ein #Ęnde hat¡•

Me too

Anyone know this song (name) in the background ?


Yeah we mis your vibes bro!!!

Einfach nur Geil

Progressive rules! Hugs from brazil!


- Genteee, alguém sabe o nome da música 😑?!

Song Id?

Wir vermissen es auch 🥺

Saudades 👆🏼👆🏼

1 minuto de vídeo de festas centenas de brancos 3 negros

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3 weeks ago


This is the set I wanted to perform live from home for you. We made a test run the other day, but it failed. I made mistakes in the mix and almost never smiled or danced. It was just not the time maybe. I will very soon stream live from home. I just need to feel it. But here is first the set „Neelix - Birth“ for you. Cheers Henrik

#neelixbirthset #neelixbirth #stayfitchallenge #neelix
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This is the set I wanted to perform live from home for you. We made a test run the other day, but it failed. I made mistakes in the mix and almost never smiled or danced. It was just not the time maybe. I will very soon stream live from home. I just need to feel it. But here is first the set „Neelix - Birth“ for you. Cheers Henrik

#neelixbirthset #neelixbirth #stayfitchallenge #neelix

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I've got it and love it - the mistakes are very small and thank you- HUGE fan

The whole point of a live stream is that it is ‘live’ and organic. Who cares if the mixes are not perfect, sometime it actually makes a set better because you know it’s real. I hope that makes sense?

I know what he means though, have done live Dj sets for internet radio stations and I have to get it spot on else I beat myself up afterwards. Your a huge well known DJ and tiny mistakes are fine and I nearly noticed 👍🙏

Nevermind tiny mistakes... i love the set anyway. In these weird days makes days brighter.. especially at work.. 😉 thanks Neelix too keep us on your tack anyway..❤

Gratidão A Namasté a mãe Gaia . Gratidão a A sintonia de Produtividade Gratidão Dalheeeeennnerrrd

I have it since three days and love it so Much. With "inception" in it 😍it was such a surprise!!!! Take care

Master we have been waiting for your live stream, it would really mean a lot to us your fans around the globe, we love you and wish you well...

I love youuuuuuu Henrik...the best ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ #neelix

Wish you could come to Colorado... We need a huge celebration when social distancing is over

Thanks mate! Happy to wait until you are feeling it for the live stream 💪💥🔊🎵🎧

i'm ready when you are😍 no stressss🧘‍♀️

Waiting for it , the live stream from neelix , the king of underground progressive trance Germany base life form

Nobody is perfect 🙏 take the time you need 🔥 we will wait

All make mistakes we are only human😘 hope to live on FBI or better in real live🤗

You the best, a good friend, miss you,

Yes give us the super saiyan 2 mix

So emotional it. I loved. Deepheart

Das macht es doch viel authentischer.... Außerdem - aus welchem Grund sollte man sonst live auftreten? (egal ob Stream, Party, TV, etc.) Nachbearbeiten kann doch heute fast jeder, aber mal ehrlich... Ist eine bearbeitete live-Aufnahme nicht paradox?

glad to hear from you !! <3

It's pretty awsome is it going to spotify???

Can’t wait for you to stream live.

In neelix we trust ♥️

Old vibes to this set, we missed it


Amazing 👏🥳

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4 weeks ago


"Stay Fit Challenge". Join In!!!
Link To My New Set:
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On this. Will do this before my fitness class I’m teaching tonight or tomorrow

I love the outfit😅😍 you look amazing

You look amazing 😜

Jonas Jetzt wird’s aber funky

Hearing now! 🤜🤛

Fabian Gerke Sport-Outfit on fleek 😂👌😍

Schönes Ding😂😂✌

Lara Wirth-Jaeger los geht's 😂

Haha tolles Outfit 😂🙌😂

👻 NEELIX 👻❤️

Sogar die Socken wurden liebevoll auf das Outfit abgestimmt ! Hier wird Wert auf jedes noch so kleine Detail gelegt 😄

Dein Outfit ist am geilsten😂😂😂

Helle Skov j challenge you💪

Como sempre arrebentando, sensacional o set, você é fera, Parabéns pelas novas tracks criadas 👏👏👏👏🥰♥️

funny how your clothes are all on different colors hahah

Hover board doesn't work!

Haha jetze dreht er komplett durch. 🙂

Where do you want it sent !???

Maxwell O'Brien what a man <3

It looks like a cooking video from ANGY KORE 😂😂😂😂😂

Marc Thomas Rill nicht nur wir drehen durch wenn die Clubs geschlossen haben 😄

Nic Istegal!

Serjoscha Hackauf herausforderung angenommen 😎😂

Show 🇧🇷👌

Brad Severain, we HAVE TO do this!!

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