When I was invited to the Silver Wings in Berlin a few weeks ago for Monika Döring’s 80th (!) birthday, I felt very honoured. That this time also Monika left the floor as the last person, should not come as a surprise really.

Invariably one step ahead

psycrowdelicaberlin-1000pxApart from witnessing Monika in the 80s as an innovative and fair negotiating partner in the loft in West Berlin, during the high times of the true VooV-festival at the end of the 90s, it was already an experience to see one person still dancing In the middle of the floor after some stage set (including sleep): the indestructible dancing mouse Monika. Though at that time she wasn’t a teen anymore.

It was there that I consciously noticed her for the first time again. That it was her merit to get GoaGil into the Tempodrom, I learned but later. For 5 DM it was a cool experience then, no question. Looking back, she says today that she is very happy to have found the best and most passionate organizers first with Mirko and then the Soundviecher.

Again, years passed and the time of modern Psytrance (DarkPsy, Forest, HiTech) began. On the Cannibal Crow’s Psycrowdelica (R.I.P.) there again was a woman with a bleached short haircut, uninterruptedly dancing: Monika. She was even a mentor and supporter of new Psy styles, which has been more than helpful for the evolving scene. Her status as a pro for events and promotion helped a lot and she was also very dedicated in illuminating the atmosphere not only with self-baked goods, e.g. at indoor events, as well.

The subscription of the mushroom magazine she bounced a few years ago, one reason being that the magazine did not contain anything about “Dark”. The woman is still straightforward.
Monika Döring is still closely linked to music. As to dancing, Psytrance remains her dearest, and to listen to she indulges in interesting things á la Raster-Noton, a techno label from Chemnitz.

When I took my leave of the many friends at the end of the party, she embraced me and thanked me. And then began clearing up.


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