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Giuseppe is a busy bee who for good reasons founded his label Parvati Records in Denmark. As an Italian already curious, as a Psy-lover more than justified.

At the end of the 80s he moved around the world, visited India and Goa. A real traveler, therefore, who was and is very much connected with the hippie movement’s values. Deliberately he devoted himself to this alternative “way of life”. Peace and Love, a deeper understanding of himself and the world around him, were a mainspring as were as the search for psychedelic experiences. Psychedelic and / or electronic rock attracted him and paved the way to Psychedelic Trance. Different cultures, places and people have influenced him both intensively and positively and let him enter the psychedelic world. After more than 15 years he is often asked if he does not get bored, which he decidedly denies. Especially technology and music have developed so enormously which almost inspires him, as to what new ideas and music are produced thereby. Giuseppe, however, also names differences to earlier. While at the time only music and the party were in the forefront, today this has changed very much. Because at the time parties were also like a trip too, there were not so many DJs and they played many hours too. The dancers enjoyed each other, danced together, the party was the star. The basis for a psychedelic trip. Before Parvati Records as a label was born, legendary labels such as T.I.P., Flying Rhino and some other producers inspired him, whose tracks were often not released on sound carriers but could only be listened to at underground parties. Particularly intending to these tracks, was a drive to found a label. A passion, an intense hobby developed, and it was not at all foreseeable for Guiseppe how everything would develop. Music, deeper in the sound with deep atmospheres which is a musical experience, these were his intentions. In the beginning there were no such terms as Forest, everything was labelled under “Dark” (like the miserable “Goa” for Psytrance), but it signaled this much more intense form of music. Represented through their artist Parvati Records has accepted this creed and continued to develop it: Totally Into it. That’s the way it is.


giuseppe parvati records


His main activities are to keep the label running, to manage his artists and to offer a good service. To become a DJ himself one day never was his plan. Forced to this “venture” by friends, he jumped in at the deep end in 2004 and right after Rinkadink had to play in a crowded Danish club. He had no idea at all how this was gonna work, he looked over his colleague’s shoulder to get an idea how to do anything at all.
Although he has been stuck there for many years now, he self-critically states that he is not really your technically versed DJ, but is always trying to grant people a good experience through music.

Mussy Moody

As the label’s only female actor, she is been present from the start. As Psilo Cowboys, she has released on Parvati together with Jahbo in 2001. She lives in Aarhus and has developed her very own production style also known as Danish sound.

onkel dunkel entenkostüm set

Onkel Dunkel

Mono has been present since the label’s launch too. He started with Grapes of Wrath, developing continuously until his solo project. His 2. album “Connections” just got released. Always a 100% and deeply involved in the music, he’s developed into a technical freak. Mono is almost always in the studio and now does the mastering for Parvati Records.


Ilse was one of the first DJs to join the label. Already, the cooperation has lasted for many years. The artist living in Hamburg has always been stood out by his music selection, very focused on psychedelic elements and the danceability of the tracks. He also helps with administrative aspects of the label a lot.

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Parvati Records

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Playing Jahbo at the bar AIW 🤘🖤

la cremaaa!!!!!

Jahbo y onkel dunkel

Gi den gas drenge !!👏🏻😀

Power Duo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Parvati Records

Jahbo starting the Parvati session at Psy-Fi ! ... See MoreSee Less

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Blast 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


Dance goddamn🙂🙂

Super Jahbo 🎶



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Parvati Records

Parvati Day today at Psy-Fi 2017

Onkel Dunkel

Psy-Fi 2017

Psy-Fi 2017Aug 16, 10:00amDe Groene Ster, 8926 XE Leeuwarden, NederlandWelcome to our 5 year Anniversary celebration, the "Book of Changes"

We can't wait for the summer of 2017!

The new theme is "The Book of Changes", and as it is our 5th edition, we feel we have something special to celebrate. Therefore our festival will undergo some exciting changes and in the coming months we will share all of them with you :)
This year you can expect a very special anniversary celebration that we'd like to share with all of you.

The Book of Changes -- I Ching in Chinese -- is unquestionably one of the most important books in the world's literature. Its origin goes back to mythical antiquity, and it has occupied the attention of the most eminent scholars of China down to the present day.
The Book of changes is an ancient divination text read throughout the world, providing inspiration to the worlds of religion, psychoanalysis, business, literature, and art.

Some of you may also know Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero Theory:
The principal device of the Timewave Zero theory is a fractal function (constructed using numerical values derived from the I Ching hexagrams) which maps time onto 'novelty' and in this way predicts change.

We are very pleased to announce the full Psy-Fi festival 2017 line-up!

Abra – (Our Minds)
Abramelin – (Our Minds)
Ace Ventura – (Iboga Records)
Aes Dana – (Ultimae Records)
Ajja – (Peak Records)
Akasha Vibes – (Techsafari Records)
Alpha Portal – (Hommega)
Altruism – (Nano)
Amani – (Desert Trax)
Anand – (3rd bit)
Animato – (Hommega)
Arjuna – (Parvati Records)
Astral Projection – (T.I.P. Records)
Astrix – (Hommega Records)
Atmos – (Iboga Records)
Audio Terrorist – (3rd bit)
Avalon – (Nano)
Behind Blue Eyes – (Iboga Records)
Boom Shankar – (BMSS)
Braincell – (Blue Hour Sounds)
Burn In Noise – (Nano Records)
Bwoy De Bhajan – (Iboga)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – (Ultimae Records)
Chillum Baba – (Independent)
Corka’an – (Psy-Fi)
Cosmo – (Noisepoison Records)
D-Lerium – (3rd bit)
Daksinamurti – (Sangoma Records)
Darwish – (Hommega Records)
Dense – (Chillgressive Tunes)
Derango – (Parvati Records)
Descroix – (Sofa Beats / Iboga)
Desert Dwellers – (Desert Trax)
Dickster – (Nano)
Digicult – (Dacru Records)
Dirty Saffi – (Bom Sankha Records)
DJ Josko – (RebelHiFi / RadiOzora / Reshape)
DJ Zen – (Iono)
Djoanna – (Waldfrieden)
Drip Drop – (Harmonia)
Earthling – (Future Music Records)
Eat Static – (Mesmobeat)
Eat Static In Dub – (Mesmobeat)
Electrocado – (Gravitas Recordings)
Entheogenic – (Universal Symbiosis Records)
Etnica – (Etnicanet)
Etnica In Dub – (Etnicanet)
Filteria – (Suntrip Records)
Fluffy – (3rd bit)
Fungus Funk – (Sangoma)
FX23 – (ADN)
Gaudi - Allstars Orchestra – (Six Degrees)
Gaudium – (Iboga Records)
Giuseppe – (Parvati Records)
Globular – (Sofa Beats)
GMS – (Future Music)
Goa Jonas – (TIP Records)
Govinda – (Believe Lab)
Green Beats – (Nutek Chill Records)
Gumi – (Sofa Beats)
Harmonic Frequency - (Independent)
Hellquist – (Zenon Records)
Hilight Tribe – (Kosmik Hoboes)
Hilight Tribe special unplugged – (Kosmik Hoboes)
Hypogeo – (Zenon Records)
Illäusius (Synaptic Eclipse)
Imaginarium – (Digital Om)
Indra – (Maia Brasil Records)
Insector - (Kamino rec.)
Ital – (Antu)
Jahbo – (Parvati Records)
James Monro - (Flying Rhino)
Johnny Blue – (Sofa Beats)
Jovishnu - (Mr Pink)
Kaminanda – (Merkaba)
Kayrunchy – (3rd bit)
Killawatt – (Our Minds)
KinDzaDza – (Osom)
Kobi Toledano – (Nano Records)
Koxbox – (Zero One)
Krumelur – (Zenon)
Kukan Dub Lagan – (Sofa Beats)
Laboratorium Pieśni / Song Laboratory
Lemon Tree – (Liquid Records)
Lifeforms – (Iono)
Liminal Roots - (Independent)
Liquid Ross – (Liquid Records)
Loud Band – (Nano Records)
Lucas – (TIP Records)
Man With No Name – (Dragonfly Records)
Mara LeFay – (Opal Rooms – Romania)
Master Margherita – (Blue Hour Sounds)
Middle Mode – (Digital Om)
Mjert – (3rd bit)
MVMB – (Iboga Records)
Nilezz – (3rd bit)
Oleg – (S.U.N Festival)
Onkel Dunkel – (Parvati Records)
OTT – (Ottsonic)
Oxidaksi – (Kamino Records)
Para Halu – (Psylife)
Parasense - (Bom Shanka Music)
Paul B – (3rd bit)
Phibian – (Trick Music)
Philoso – (Kamino)
Pleiadians – (Etnicanet)
Psymax – (3rd bit)
Raja Ram – (T.I.P. Records)
Rinkadink vs Element – (Future Music)
Robin Triskele – (Triskele Management)
Ryanosaurus – (Zenon)
Scorb – (Trick Music)
Shivanki – (3rd bit)
Shpongle Dj set by Raja Ram – (Twisted Music)
Skizologic – (Zion604)
Solar Fields – (Ultimae Records)
Soleye - (Hadra Records)
Sorian – (Sofa Beats)
Soundaholix – (Future Music)
Spoonbill – (Omelette Records)
Suduaya – (Altar Records)
Symbolic – (Iboga Records)
Symbolico – (Merkaba Music)
Tersius – (Our Minds)
Ticon – (Iboga)
Toxic In Dub – (Nutek Chill Records)
Traum Atlas – (Psylife)
Treavor Moontribe – (Desert Trax)
Tripswitch – (Iboga Records)
Tristan – (Nano)
Val Vashar – (Modem)
Vertical – (Parvai Records)
Vertical Mode – (Hommega Records)
Vikash – (Independent)
Vini Vici – (Iboga)
Wegha – (Ozora)
Wichuri - (3rd bit)
X-Dream – (Boshke Beats)
Yuta - (Matsuri)
Zen Baboon – (Sofa Beats)
Zen Racoon – (Sofa Beats)
Zen Mechanics – (Sourcecode Transmissions)
Zyce – (TesseracTstudio)

Next to the well known artists, we’ve put a lot of extra attention to new coming artists that we feel that need to be heard. They are producing great music all over the world and we are very pleased to have them on our festival. Next to that our Alternative stage has changed to a stage only for Dark, Forest, Hi-tech and Psycore music.

The program for the World music stage will be announced in the coming weeks. Here you can expect lots of world music life bands from all over the globe to Psytechno and DNB.
The Sacred island program will be introduced to you in the weeks to come, promising great workshops, ceremonies and lectures.

1st phase: 80,00 Euro SOLD OUT
2nd Phase: 100,00 Euro SOLD OUT
3rd Phase: 120,00 Euro (Max 20.000 Tickets)

Tickets are available at:

At the gates: 140,00 Euro

Shuttle bus info & tickets are available at:


More info soon
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Psy-Fi 2017

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Blackie Baba Hamza Denizkurdu :)

Hatsaaaaaaaa!! Rogier gaan we weer! Bam

Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyy !!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Sara Castrigno

Tim Kranenburg

Yannick Becker Markus Graef auf jeden fall wieder oder? Diesmal noch Frederick Kar Chris Volk Lars Thöne und Luca Dommes mit dabei :)

New dates are 100% confirmed 16-20aug?

אאאאעעעעעאאההה!!! תשריינו תאריכים Sasha Yanushevich Chen Yaniv

Marius Den Hertog Floris Van T Hof

Ronen Amos Adiel Bitton Nir Amiliyaner Gal Danon Moran Nahari 😆

Anne Onnie Bas Arkes Sanne Schuitema Lisanne Caspers Martina Darijevic Dide van Rossum <3

Sowieso Lois de Bondt Figó Spacy Gitta Reitsema

Philipp Stauner Nadesha Aya Shurandy Chan Jong Chu Diana Ilonka Curto Zuman

Judith Stuijt

Zeker erbij, en jij Evertjan Vermeer 😁

:D Ronald Weer, Wendy Vd Reep :D

Marga Reintke in de agenda zetten kunnen we wel in je rode auto heen 😂😂

je veux , je veux je veux je VEEEEUUUUUUXXX !!!!

Nou Willy Boschma-Feenstra en Anja Ammerlaan-van Dijk set de datum alfeast mar yn de agenda

Aurélien Plassart❤️❤️

Gina Eg

Tom Luyten

Allina Knol bij zijn!!

Zalig we gaan voor 5op een rij psy fi we love this festival

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