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Psytrance in the Netherlands – Meet the Dutch tribe

In the Netherlands you can’t only smoke a legal joint, you also can attend some great Psytrance festivals like Psi-Fi in Leeuwarden, Solstice and Space Safari..


TOP TEN COFFEESHOPS – Best Amsterdam Coffeeshops of 2017

Amsterdam’s coffee shop culture is renowned across the world and draws thousands of tourists to the heart of the Netherlands every year.

senjo clothing fashion special

Fashion Special 2016: Senjo Clothing

Senjo Clothing are renowned for their high quality earth wear fashion, offering distinctive basic garments as well as more elaborate designs.


Travel and Trance the psychedelic Trance scene in the NETHERLANDS!

The Netherlands is a travel destination where many visitors come for the flowers, windmills, museums, sightseeing, coffee shops, smart shops and its red light districts. This small country offers a lot of variety in entertainment for all ages and this is also true for Psytrance lovers.

Beating the stigma in the Netherlands: Psychedelic trance it is more about good parties!

The land of windmills, soft drugs and red light districts. This is how The Netherlands is known to many, idealized as a hedonistic garden where much is allowed. And yet this small country is rapidly getting itself noticed for good […]

PsyTrance scene in the Netherlands. Variation is the key …

In 2014, Psytrance in The Netherlands has been diversifying, with more crews making events in various styles of music. You can now find parties with Progressive Psytrance, Dark Prog, Dark Psy, Forest and even faster styles like Psycore and Hi-Tech. […]

johan potma

Johan Potma

Johan Potmas unique art is a must to see in Berlin!

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