Variation is the key in The Netherlands

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In 2014, Psytrance in The Netherlands has been diversifying, with more crews making events in various styles of music. You can now find parties with Progressive Psytrance, Dark Prog, Dark Psy, Forest and even faster styles like Psycore and Hi-Tech. As well, more parties of good quality are happening across the country.

A new addition to the international Psychedelic circuit is the Psy-Fi Festival taking place in August. With an impressive line up, it promises to include The Netherlands in the agenda of European festival goers. Another festival that is traditional is the Solstice Festival at the Ruigoord in June. Also with an international and local line up, it is one of the highlights of the year.

Amsterdam has yet another classic open air made by Bom Voyage on Kingsday in April (previously Queensday). With foreign and local artists, this party is a unique gathering that is still free for all. The same crew also makes club parties with a varied music program and an eye for detail in visuals and decoration.

Focused in Progressive Psytrance, Samskara organizes monthly events for a faithful following at Club Lite in Amsterdam, either on Sundays or Fridays. More organizations in Amsterdam are Trance Orient Express giving monthly parties at the Ruigoord church, DAF and their famous free outdoor parties, Trancending, Equinox, Namaste, Innervisions and Hightech Pleasures.

Around the country you have The S-Xperience with big events at Vasim in Nijmegen, Pyschedelic.FM in Delft, Global Aura in Eindhoven, 3rd Bit and Progress in Trance in Leewarden, Twisted Extractions at Baroeg in Rotterdam, Grass Events in Breda, Area 52 in Utrecht, Kosmic Fusion and Shut Up & Dance in The Hague, Stichting Vrij Feesten in Hilversum, Psy-Experience and Up Projects in Groningen.

Many people enjoy Progressive and Full On in The Netherlands, but Dark Psy, Forest and Dark Prog are rapidly becoming more popular. Other styles that are gaining attention are Psycore and Hi-Tech, played in the parties made by N2O.

All this musical variety is boosting the number of local artists. There are new and known producers: Astara, Bionic, Dogarian, Hanuman, Harmonic Frequency, Jocid, Kriya, Liftshift, Odr, Ozmali, ReBoot, Rev, Supergroover, Tulpa, Whrikk and Zen Mechanics. And several DJ’s: Ainur, Anand, Annunaki, Anti Shanti, Back to Mars, Backflash, Bart, Bluestorm, Darzid, Dogo, Dr. Vinni, EDS, Fatcat DePousse, Fluffy, Fluofreax, Gnome, Gopa, Hikuri, Ions, Jiggi, Kalanarmada, LSDave, ManDraQ, McManus, Mart Fader, Nilezz, Oczean, Paul B, Pim, Polo, Polzitiv, Psy Clone, Psylatino, Psychonotik, Resi, Riches, Rob, Roland, Saaf, Satyr, Shaggedelic, Shawnodese, Tila, Viris, Wichuri, Z and Zen.

Parties are often well decorated by deco and visual crews who excel in what they do, like A Thousand Errors, Anahata Project, Chi Deco, DAF, Locus Pocus, Nuns with Guns, RandR, Spiral Spectrum and Vaya Con Dia’s.

And if you wanna check legal highs, visit Siberie and Kokopelli in Amsterdam!