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Digital Diamonds

If we say ‘Psychedelic Techno’, we are not talking about another ‘Tech House can be psychedelic’ project. Spirallianz, Midimiliz, and the more recent releases of X-Dream – this is the way it goes! Rather hard, woozy, deep sounds. Recent release: ‘Point – Deepening’, an outstanding album sometimes reminiscent of Paul Kalkbrenner’s Berlin Calling soundtrack or the productions of Fiord. Available in MP3 and WAV format.

Psychedelic Techno jenseits minimaler Monotonie: Digital Diamonds führt das weiter, was Spirallianz, Midimiliz und X-Dream einst begannen.

Running since 2001, this site is the world’s biggest aggregator for Trance netlabels. Full On, Dark Psy, Forest, Twilight, Zenonesque, Goa, Progressive…whatever you are looking for! After the distribution platform became more and more popular, founder DJ Basilisk started the own Psy Trance netlabel Ektoplazm in 2008, additionally there are the Techno and Downtempo spin-offs Drumlore and Omnitropic. Managed by one of the protagonists of the Psy Trance netlabel scene, these labels are definitely reliable sources for quality music. In general there is heaps of exciting music to discover on Ektoplazm, just recently ‘The Best Free Psy Trance of 2011’ charts have been published in the blog section of the site. Everything available in WAV, FLAC and MP3 format.

Seit 2001 ist dies die weltweit größte Plattform für Psy Trance Netlabels. Ob Full On, Dark Psy, Forest, Twilight, Goa, Progressive…hier gibt es haufenweise gute, kostenlose Musik zu entdecken. Gerade aktuell wurden auf dem Blog der Seite die „Best Free Psytrance of 2011′ Listen veröffentlicht.

Multiplex Records
Multiplex Records from the North-East German open air centre Mecklenburg presents a variety of Dark and Psy Trance, but also some quality Progressive and Ambient music. No matter what’s the number of BPM, this netlabel has a distinctly psychedelic touch.

Das Mecklenburger Netlabel veröffentlicht regelmäßig ziemlich amtlichen Dark und Psy Trance, aber auch klassischer Progressive und Chill Out ist hier zu finden.

Panzar Produktionz
Feeling that Progressive Trance became more and more watered down by clubby and technoish influences, this Swedish netlabel was founded in order to keep up the original psychedelic vibe of this genre. If you are fond of bouncing offbeat bass lines, tempi around 140 BPM and psychedelic sounds whirring around your head, this is probably the address for you!

Das schwedische Label hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, den psychedelischen Grundgedanken von Progressive Trance am Leben zu halten.

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