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VooV , Waldfrieden Wonderland, Indian Spirit, Burning Mountain and Antaris ­Project: What do these classic festival have in common? All of them were decorated by Buju and Psy-Pix during the past 20 years! Vision Scientist is the latest joint venture of these two highly talented veterans, together they create ­fantasy worlds­ of stunning beauty.

An interview with the Vision Scientists, Buju and Psy-Pix

You‘ve been decoration artists for a very long time already. How would you describe the visual development of the scene?
We are living in an exciting time, compared to other genres Psytrance is actually still in its infancy. You can see the enormous progress of the scene when you look at all the different sub-genres that evolved from the original Goa sound during these last years. It‘s the pulse of time that creates colours and music. Back in the 90s we didn‘t have this spectrum, that‘s why we had to celebrate in basements. By now Psytrance and everything it stands for has gained a certain acceptance in society and we can celebrate outdoors. As a decoration artist you‘re a part of all genres, you‘re always everywhere, you’re part of the background.
Why is external optical stimulation important for a trance journey to Inner Space?
The goal is to create bridges or portals that help you to venture into the inner cosmos. We want to show that the world around us and inside us is much more than black and white. Ideally you get lost in an ocean of colours – just to find yourself.
How did you end up working together?
It was 2010 in Switzerland when Buju and Psy-Pix cooperated for the first time, Psy-Pix presenting his backdrops and Thorsten his jungle decoration. During the next years we became really good friends. When we work on big projects like Antaris , Buju is responsible for the general concept, the fabrics, the shapes, the dimensions. Psy-Pix is responsible for the design of the stencils and the color concept of the fabrics. Both of us have particular skills, and they add up just perfectly.

Amazing Stage Designs

What was your most intense decoration project so far?
Every project is special! Well, there‘s intense projects that mean a lot of work, like for instance Antaris Festival – the Vision Scientists actually spent half a year developing this project. And sometimes it‘s the weather that makes it an extreme experience. While setting up at Respect Festival in Brazil Simon was kissed by a lightning, that was a fairly intense experience.

Buju and Psy-Pix websites.

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