New Zealand

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New Zealand
Luminate Festival

Luminate Festival 2017 New Zealand

In the mountains of New Zealand, in meadows surrounded by beech forest, glows one of the world’s most earth-friendly music festivals. Next Luminate Festival takes place from February 1–8, 2017. Luminate Festival 2017 Over the past eight years, Luminate Festival …

NEW ZEALAND: A Haven for all Cosmic Psytravellers

Far out in the Pacific Ocean exists a thriving psychedelic community. In the summer months of November to March, the Golden Bay/Nelson region in the South Island is a haven for outdoor events. Auckland is currently driving a healthy scene …

New Zealand – Land of the Long White Cloud

The Golden Bay – Nelson area has become a mecca for Psy parties in New Zealand, and you’re likely to find an outdoor doof happening most weekends over summer, the warmer months of (November to April) are ripe for exploring …

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