Here’s your chance to win a fab prize; Prize includes 2 x return flights. 2 x entrance tickets to Boom Festival 2016. Transport to and from the festival. And a lucky packet filled with some awesome festival necessities. All you have to do is submit your festival story…easy!

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Here’s what Kyle, the founder has to say:

“We are running a competition where people stand a chance to win an all expenses paid trip for two special humans to Boom festival 2016, in Portugal.
To enter all you have to do is submit a story/experience/memory of yourself/friends at an outdoor music festival, that you cherish and wish to share with the world. Drug induced or not, anything goes! Don’t be shy as all stories submitted will only have first names used.”
Head over to: and register.

These are a few excerpts from stories that have been submitted already:

Vortex – A snippet from Niki’s story.

I remember thinking, “I never want to leave. I want to feel like this
forever. I always want these positive people around me. I am happy, the
happiest I have ever been. I felt loved, appreciated, whole, united, and
peaceful. I felt like I was one with mother earth and its beings. I have
so much love to give.

Earthdance – A snippet from Jay’s story.

Gigantic hands made out of LCD screens rise from the ground, displaying
images that cannot be described. Strangers get lost in their own worlds
as their minds disconnect from their bodies. I look across from where I
came and see the mass that stands praising the work of a creative
musician in a psychedelic forest, all of which I had created. Everything
including the people, grass, tree’s, frogs, rabbits, move in unison now,
throbbing to the beat that continues to vibrate inside of me. I begin to
fall down to earth. Uplifting sound waves make my voyage difficult,
trying to push me away as I tried to break free from the trance that I
had entered.

Meeting of two souls – A snippet from Layla’s story.

We looked at each other from across the dance floor…. our eyes
connected. At the same time we both laugh and smile the hugest smiles…..
He came over to me and told me that he had to meet me after the moment
we just shared. We eventually left the dance floor and chatted for what
seemed like hours. People watching and sharing in the beautiful moments
that were happening around us. We hooked up that evening and today we
have been together for just over 5 years

Into the stars – A snippet from Jason’s Ozora experience.

I decided to take a moment to myself and just observe the magic that was
unfolding in front of my eyes… My trip was peaking and the fractals and
imagery i was seeing were pure bliss. I looked up at the stars and to my
amazement, the clarity at which i could see the night sky was busy
blowing my mind!! I could see fine lines connecting each and every star
to the next star… looking what was like sacred geometry patterns made
from stars and lines. Interconnectedness!

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