When did you start ?
we started making clothes while living in india about seven years ago.

Whats the style of your label ?
we are making clothes for adults and children,mostly in earthy colours inspired by the mother nature surrounding us.we offer different styles for different people although main style is elf,pixie,tribal style

Please tell more about your concept ?
our concept is recycle,reuse,reduce , fair trade and every day wearing. we are not making costumes but clothes people can where always and everywhere

With which materials do you produce your clothes ?
mostly we work in cotton,we stopped producing leather items as we dont want to support killing of animals for leather bussiness

What inspires you
we are travelling family and mostly we get inspired by all different colours of this beautiful world,different cultures that we see on our way. we spend a lot of time in nature and she is big inspiration for us.

Where people or shops can buy your clothes ?
we have web shop www.padmacreation.com

Do you have a stall at festivals ? If yes where ?
we sell on different festivals,all infos you can find on our web site

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