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Indigenous charitable projects, Festivals, Gatherings, Events, Sustainable futures, Healthy living, Arts, Culture, Music, Conscious Entertainment, Eco technologies, Green Design, Positive Global Transformation yes all this happening in Panama and its happening because a group of enthusiastic people working for charity and called GEO PARADISE or better known as GEO Crew! They are doing here a simply amazing job and staying the main source for the psychedelic culture in the region. Their TRIBAL GATHERING annual festival already celebrated 3 editions. they keep on growing and getting more and more interest from the people not only from Central American region, but also from South and the North Americas which Panama actually connects on the world map.

This year Tribal Gathering line up includes: Egorythmia, Mixmaster Morris, Shahar of Aleph Zero, Bluetech, U-Recken, Lish, Klopfgeister, Emok, Shane Gobi, Acid Black, Broken Toy, Etic, Sensifeel, Sad Paradise, Shakta/Digitalis, Alex Tolstey of Boshke Beats, Ben Coda, Psymmetrix, Cubixx, Headflux, Phony Orphants, Moon, Tripswitch, Rastaliens, Nuki, Hibernation, Crystal Monkey, Otkun, Rikam, R2 and many many others…

As psy trance culture arrived to Panama just few years ago, the energy of the events plus the incredible untouched natural locations creating a virgin magical vibes and experiences that can be described but could be experienced only. Panama connecting both Americas, rich of its landscapes, two oceans, mountains, valleys and considered as one of the most bio-diversed countries in the region with its rich wild life and climate, not to forget to mention its incredible infrastructure.
A must place to visit for any traveler of any type!


The most important Party/Festival:

Tribal Gathering by Geo Crew

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

Free Optics
Free Optics on facebook

More deco artists:

Broll Jholl Marrallo
Broll Jholl Marrallo on facebook

The preferred music style in your country:


Party times:

from 11 pm to 4am in the clubs
open airs- total freedom as long you are on a private land without complaining neighbours

Afterparty culture.

mostly at private beach houses and mountain residences


water from 1 to 2 us$
beer from 1,5 to 3 us$
party entrance form 5$ to 20$geo paradise

Drug screening:

rare, but sometimes chey check for alcohol

Your Facebook Page:

Alex Tolstey(Boshke Beats)

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