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Serbia is located in South-east Europe and with its seven million population makes one of the hotspots of this part of the world known for its beautiful landscapes, Mediterranean climate, excellent food, hospitality and god quality music scene.

Trance pioneers who started this genre in Serbia were young clubbers known as Xperiment Org. This organization, whose some members are still active nowadays, are the most responsible for brining trance music to Belgrade in 1994.

During the several years around the 2000s, Serbia’s one music clubs was voted as one of top five places for trance music in the world. Its name was Barutana club, situated inside the Kalemegdan fortress, historical park fortress in the center of Belgrade, near the confluence of the river Sava to Danube. On fortresses on Danube , you will discover some of the most magnificent remaining fortress in Serbia, with a unique look into the formidable strenght required to create them. Barutana’s cave-like interior and the terrace was a true attraction – for Djs and visitors. Despite economic and political problems country faces in the past two decades, people of Serbia still keep cheerful spirit, and faith in better future. Moreover, psychedelic music represents one of the best music scene in the country and is successfully preserving its tradition.


Main Artist:

Zyce Music on facebook

More artists:

Serbia is nowadays famous for many trance musicians who influenced and shaped global music scene such as Ectima, E-Clip, Talpa, Lyctum, Middle Mode, Man Machine, Sonic Entity, Sideform, Dash, Sattwa, Gammy Yagammi, Kanibal Holocaust, Jesus Raves Ascent, Tropical Bleyage, Pion, Solar Kid, Sound Control, Magnetik…Also, some pioneers of Serbian trance culture such as Alternative Control, Frequed Frequency, Species, Prosper marked the beginnings of the trance culture, performing on various festivals around the world.


The most important Psytrance related label:

Tesseract Studio

More labels


The most important Party/Festival:

Psytrance culture is an important part of Serbia’s biggest brands – Exit Festival, an award winning summer music festival
officially proclaimed as the ‘Best Major European festival’ at the EU Festival Awards in January 2014

More parties:

Forest Sound Festival in central Serbia on May.Elektro Bašta by Tesseract Studio and Soundscape Org.
Summer club Basta Sava Centra.Winter season: Republika bar, Klub Sioux, HangarExcept Belgrade, the capital of Serbia,
there are various popular clubs in other Serbian cities: Novi Sada, Kragujevac, Jagodina…
where many indoor and outdoors parties are organized throughout the year.

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

Zenit Creative Society
Zenit Creative Society on facebook

More deco artists:

  • Wicket Forest deco team
  • Synthetic Evolution
  • Saša Prokić Deco
  • TamTam fashion

The preferred music style in your country:

progressive trance

Party times:

nfluenced with different cultures, the music style includes various styles from progressive to dark.
psychedelic lifecycle evolved from Astral Projection, Etnica, X-Dream, Astrix, Absolum, Hallucinogen in the last two decade to most respectable progressive and psy artists in the last few years: Liquid Soul, Zen Mechanics, Tristan, Egorythmia, Flegma & Nerso, U-Recken, Zyce…
During the last decade respective dark artist such as: Goa Gil, Mubali, Dark Prisma guys, Atriohm, Orestis, Ocelot had gigs in Serbia

Party lasts from 11pm to 6am

Afterparty culture.

After party 6am to 12am


All clubs are located in the center or in the vicinity of the center and are easiyl accessable by car or pubic transport.

Entry free: 3-6 eur
Beer: 2 eur
Water 1.20 eur
Attendance: 200-1000 people

Drug screening:

Blood alcohol test by traffic police on the street only. NO drug tests.

Points of interest:

Best places for activities:

Đavolja Varoš, Kalemegdan Fortress, Ada Lake…

Funny Stuff:


  • The Serbian cuisine includes Sarma, Cevapi, Pljeskavica, smoked meats, Feta cheese, Soda bread, Burek… Rakija (brandy) “Sljivovica” is the main alcoholic beverage.
  • Except for drinking, it is used for medical purposes and people of Serbia always say when joking that “rakija can cure anything”.
  • Vampire is the only Serbian word which was accepted worldwide.
  • 18 Roman emperors were born on the territory of modern day Serbia. That’s a fifth of all the rulers of the Roman empire.
  • In Serbia there is a religious building that was turned into a mosque 10 times. (The old cathedral church in downtown Cacak.)
  • Statistically, Serbs are the most hospitable people in the world.

About the Author:





About You:

Bojan Mandic aka DJ Manda was born in Pula, Croatia (1986). Since 1993 he’s been living in Belgrade, Serbia. The Psychedelic trance scene came in to his life in 2001, but his DJ career starts at 2003. He prefers to play almost every genre of psychedelia.
In 2010 he joined in friend’s label Tesseract Studio, well known worldwide sound/visual manufacturers from Serbia. For the last 10 years he made two festivals in his country, and many parties with most popular artists from over the globe. Also, he has been doing many other activities such as: multimedia workshops, party decorations, shuttle buses for big events… In 2012 he and his colleagues established their own music label named Galaxy Rec. Fractality is his baby music project so stay tuned because he believes that unity, love and pure energy are the most powerful on dance floor, so meet him there and dance like nobody’s watching 🙂

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

everything that contains a pinch of psychedelia inside, bpm doesn’t matter 🙂

Your Role

DJ, party organizer, label owner, working in ngo zenit creative society…


Your Facebook Page:

Dragorad Palikuca(Zenit Tesseract SŠ Axios) on facebook
DJ Manda / Fractz on facebook

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