Serbia the crossroad of the cultures

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Serbia is located in South-east Europe and with its seven million population makes one of the hotspots of this part of the world known for its beautiful landscapes, Mediterranean climate, excellent food, hospitality and god quality music scene. Trance pioneers who started this genre in Serbia were young clubbers known as Xperiment Org. This organization, whose some members are still active nowadays, are the most responsible for brining trance music to Belgrade in 1994.

During the several years around the 2000s, Serbia’s one music clubs was voted as one of top five places for trance music in the world. Its name was Barutana club, situated inside the Kalemegdan fortress, historical park fortress in the center of Belgrade, near the confluence of the river Sava to Danube. On fortresses on Danube , you will discover some of the most magnificent remaining fortress in Serbia, with a unique look into the formidable strenght required to create them. Barutana’s cave-like interior and the terrace was a true attraction – for Djs and visitors. Despite economic and political problems country faces in the past two decades, people of Serbia still keep cheerful spirit, and faith in better future. Moreover, psychedelic music represents one of the best music scene in the country and is successfully preserving its tradition.