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With all our boundaries, Chile, having the hole East coast bathed with Pacific Ocean; West limited with smashing Andean Mountains; to the North driest desert in the World; and South coldest arctic glaciers, we found the inspiration in every single element to give life to one of the most dynamic and faithful scenes of the world.

Legendary full moon celebrations – high up in the Andean Mountains, and intimate gatherings in Arica, Putre, became and the very first parties in early 90s; total solar eclipse of 1994 was the break point of the birth of Psy Trance in Chile, which has passed from underground, to turn into one of the most solid and recognized scenes of Latin America. Psy Trance scene in Chile, has brought nearly 12,000 visitors to conquer and enjoy the Chilean Electronic Trance, specially helped by ten years of the mythical festivity: Earthdance Chile, which accomplished to expand and settle this culture in our celebrations. Nowadays, posterior to encourage the growth and development of the Chilean scene, with other outdoor festivals like Andes Extreme, Tripantu, and Montemapu – being this last one the most transcending one in the last few years – Earthdance Chile, have decided to go back to the roots of psychedelic becoming a more thoughtful and familiar celebration. In the last few years, we experienced something like a boom of musicians, producers and artist very well trained in the Electronic Psychedelic Trance music field, giving life to serious indoor and outdoor celebrations, so as in the capital Santiago, as in our blissful coast, imposing mountains, fantastic dessert and very green south of Chile.


Main Artist:

Ital, Ovnimoon, Josh, Gao

ital on facebook

More artists:

Besides international talents like Ital, that plays in several gigs all over the world, and Ovnimoon that gathers quite a few artist as a producer, we count with Josh as our newest revelation, opening up his boundaries at international level especially in Europe, and Gao that keeps delighting Brazilian galley and all the rest of the Latin America. All and all, well world recognized names from Chile nowadays are Telepatic, Moaiact and Zoologic each one of them with fresh releases with their labels: Antu Records and Digital Yonkis.

From early beginnings, we count DJs like Sidhartha, Tranceluz (J’aime Rocco), Yellow Magnetic Star (Titin Moraga) and Cl.ear that have contributed the scene development, among other local legends specially from Dreamvibe tribe – one of the most important collectives of the 90s – including Djs like Cl.ear and Andean Trip. These two are still energizing the dance floor and have lead the scene for other emerging artists with lives like : Sumerian Droids, Pulsar & Thaihanu Electryxeed, Sea-Weed and Mexkline and Djing for Natural, Fluorbital, Dursita, Tkalli, Jukap, Q-Asar, Astro, Maitryk, and Niukid.


The most important Psytrance related label:

  • Antu records
    Antu Records was created with the idea of expansion in general, through arts that involve psychedelics; its missions is to generate more concience for life, motivating and involving people in developing their creativity, contributing to their inner potential through art and all its manifestations. Today we have artists from all over the world, and has released more than 50 releases on Beatport, with respect and recognition of the global scene. This label includes artist like Ital, Josh Live, Telepatic, Spectra Sonics, and Kali among others.
  • Ovnimoon
    OvnimoonRecords on facebook
    Ovnimoon Records, holds under the hand of Ovnimoon, a visionary producer which seeks true high quality gems of psychedelic goa; this label its focused on finding the very best of the world’s leading psy-trance and goa-trance hits and compiling these into a highly commercialized package suitable for mainstream distribution outlets with artists like Spirit Architect, Reptilian Renegades and Xplicit, and Ovnimoon itself.
  • Digital Yonkis
    Digital Yonkis Records on facebook
    Digital Yonkis is an artists and friendship community, in which new and old talents are gathered with the aim to express, share and create a unique music style. Digital Yonkis are deep, serious and psychedelic, no matter whether their sounds are progressive, techno, minimal or psytrance. With a great quality production, the label has been assisting with promoting artists releases and gaining such solid reputation on benefit of all, with artists like Moaiact, Gesh, Zlott, Zoologic and Electryxeed.
  • Phrenetic Tales
    Phrenetic Tales Records on facebook
    Phrenetic Tales Records gives life to a dream, mental and spiritual world, rich in ancient traditions and shamanism, holding artists like Mexkline(Anomalistic Records), Kujata, El Oso, and Plaxius between others.


The most important Party/Festival:

More parties:

Earthdance Chile is an organization and community born in 1998, when they gave life to the very first Earthdance festival in Chile helped by Dreamvibe collective. They promote the spirit of Earthdance International: Peace and Ecology, through Earthdance Conexion (connected in Septiember with all the Earthdance events of the planet), Earthfest – Earthdance Festival (the continuity of the festival since 1998) and Urbandance (urban gatherings of Earthdance Chile’s community during the year), and have had they joy of counting with many international artist through their celebrations.Montemapu written in Mapudungun, the native tongue of Chile, meaning “lets save the Earth”, is born with the sole purpose of raising awareness of the problem that exists at this time in the world. They seek to deliver a cultural, artistic, musical production which will entertain the audience, but also, it will permit us to create awareness and provide information which will help form an understanding of the current critical state of the planet. It is celebrated every year in the first days of march, in some point of nature near Santiago area.These two festivals, that mix their values of peace and universal conscience with the arts and music roots of Psychedelic Trance music, encourage the movement and expansion of it, with indoor celebrations like: Pulsos celebrated sacredly every Thursday at some underground pint of the capital with different styles like Psychedelic Trance, Full on, Progressive and Forest; Newmoon Trance celebrated strictly at every new moon in bigger night clubs in Santiago; Al Craneo parties, once at month during winter time with more Dark and High Tech styles.There is also new trends on the sphere, with collectives that are daring to mix styles like It’s About Music, which integrates in two or three scenarios Trance Music with other styles like Techno, House and Minimal. Also, we have a huge community called TRANCETOUR, that counts as the follower of the work done by Dreamvibe at its beginnings, and gathers several artists, like DJs, Lives, Decos, Domo Structures and Sound systems, and helps and produce many events in Chile and Latin America like Earthdance Chile (along with Earthdance Chile production), Pirate Party Tabolango, Microdelico, Night & Day Party A51 (together with The Last Generation Productions), private partyes and many many others that finds in this collective their start point of faithful help with technical and experienced aspects to give life to Psychedelic Trance Celebrations.

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

Entes Atmosfera Espacios, Geeks Media

More deco artists:

  • Entes was born from the nature inspiration from all of their different shapes, to give life to spaces, through visual art, with simplicity, beauty and harmony including fabrics and ambient decorations to every event.
  • Geeks Media, it’s a creative space that develops audiovisual and multimedia projects with new forms of communication like mapping and digital effects, screening the different environments of Psychedelic celebrations.
  • Benjamin Littin aka Tkalli, also contributes with its graphic and arts to most of the celebrations in Chile, being friendly with every collective, and setting new, different and dynamic basis for the esthetics of every event.

The preferred music style in your country:

We go from Psychedelic Trance, to Progressive, Dark and Forest

Party times:

You can find Trance parties celebrations in Chile nearly every week in the indoor field; usually starts around midnight, and can end up until 3 to 6 in the morning, depending the city you’re at. Santiago can be more restrictive, while other zones of the country have more permission.

In the outdoor field, you can find celebrations of two or three days, counting until 4 or 5 celebrations in summer season; near by big cities like Concepción, Santiago o Talca, which means that it’s not hard to get there (and weather it’s kind all year long to people who likes to celebrate); this parties normally have everything you need besides professional sound systems and decorations; they are all very well provided with food, drinks and little gypsy stores to amuse yourself. In this festivals you find all type of styles: from Psychedelic Trance, Progressive, to Dark and Forest, and even some live musicians with psychedelic experiments.

Afterparty culture.

The after party culture tends to be some kind of intimate and familiar, but like and every place, if you accomplish a good connection in the trance floor, you are more than welcome to keep celebrating. There is no actual established after parties in Trance scene, like in Techno or House scenes, but we can assure you that there is really motivated people that likes to keep celebrating all day and night long.


  • The entrance to a club, goes from 5 to 10 dollars, while getting to an outdoor fest can cost you between 30 and 50 dollars. Regarding to drinks, you can find a personal bottle of beer and natural juices for around 5 to 7 box, mostly in every place it works like that. A liter of bottled water can cost you not more than 2 dollars, while food can go from 5 to 10 dollars a meal, depending on the place you choose. A box of cigarettes it’s around 5 usd.
  • Travelling tickets between cities are easier to get by bus, and you find all the details online with companies like Turbus or Pullman bus. Everyday transportation in the city it’s around 1,5 usd.
  • Accommodation it’s in international average, finding a bed in shared rooms for 20 to 30 dollars, and up from there.

Drug screening:

Police in Chile is very well informed and results to be very strict in this field; you don’t find them in celebrations, but you find them in the street if your are burning flowers or something like that (keep it private). Mostly, they search for cocaine and lsd; marihuana it is being discussed to be decriminalized

Points of interest:

For fashion and art you find the store Amor Real, located in the very center of the city, and Black Panthers Market; Café del Patio, restaurant which holds several number of Psy Trance parties through year. Yoga en el Parque and Yoga a luka, communities that give you sessions of 1 to 2 hours for 2 to 4 dollars, depending on the place (there is many in every city). In magazines we have Cañamo that writes about legals and paraphernalia of marihuana, and other psychedelic, and Joia Magazine, gathering all states of music and design.

Best places for activities:

Chile is surrounded with natural places to visit and all the activities that includes; at North you typically find San Pedro de Atacama, a very mythical city, which has develop great tourism to stay, visit the glaciers, Valle de la Luna, do sand board, etc – they frequently celebrate small parties with Trance and Electronic music. Going a little bit down, you find really awesome beaches like Bahía Inglesa and Playa Blanca, close to Copiapó city. Also near La Serena city, there is Valle de Elqui, which has hold numerous parties for trancers through years.

In the capital of Santiago, besides being home of several clubs like Ex Fabrica, La Feria, and Teatro Caoupolican, you can find Cajon del Maipo, full of trees, camping, waterfalls, and the river; additionally there is the mountains at two hours away west of the city, where you can practice snowboard, sky, etc. Also two hours away to the east you find all touristic “litoral central” with beaches like Reñaca, and Valparaíso – a very colorful and bohemian city.

To the very south you find Pucón, which holds mountains, rivers volcanos and all type of outdoors activities, and also gives life to psychedelic celebrations during summer time. Almost at the end of our land, we have near Punta Arenas city, world monument Torres del Paine, an spectacle of nature that you cannot miss.

Best places to stay:

Camping Rio Magico (Valle del Elqui), Andes Extreme Hostel (Santiago), Nomades Hostal (Santiago), Che Lagarto (Santiago), Alaia Surf Hotel (Pichilemu), Frontera Hostal (Pucón)

Best places to eat:

Café del Patio, Hare Krishna, La Casa de la Luna Azul


Website 1.

Earthdance Chile
Earthdance Chile on facebook

Website 2.

Earthfest on facebook

About the Author:


Andean Trip



About You:

Begins to integrate into the global Psychedelic culture in Chile and 1995 with the mythic full moon celebrations held in the high Andes Mountains with his friend and fellow DJ Cl_Ear.

It is one of the most respected djs and producers of the Chilean scene always leading Psychedelic Trance tendencies and keeping alive the scene wherever he plays. His unique style, subtle and polished at the same time, keeps the high vibe of the dance floor at all times. His productions also makes a unique, elegant
and energetic experience that meant to be remembered.

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Psychedelic Trance, Dub and World Music

Your Role

Soon after full moon celebrations, he began his work as a DJ close by the collective Dreamvibe – producers of one of the most important and oldest Electronic Cultural Events in Chile, Earthdance, and start to develop as booking, stage manager, decoration designer and line up adviser in other to offer the best set up of the market according to the country evolution situation on these years. Nowadays, you find Andean Trip playing in many events, and producing and promoting great parties that promise to be shared.


Your Facebook Page:

Andean Trip on facebook

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