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The UK scene has certainly evolved over the past 10 years. Home to a multitude of popular psy-artists and labels, the scene has continued to flourish, thanks to an injection of fresh energy from today’s younger rave generation, fused with the experience of psy-trance veterans.

London still remains the epicentre of the UK scene. Parties continue to thrive most weekends in clubs and squats. It is not uncommon to see multiple well-known parties advertised in one weekend, which can be a headache for promoters, but the revellers end up being spoilt for choice! Most line ups consist of home grown UK and international favourites, and parties accommodate for most psy sub-genres.

Artists are now being brought together through collaborative organisations such as ‘Psy-Sisters’, a unique collective formed of female artists, with a vision to support and promote one another through online platforms and events. Social media also plays a big part in connecting the psy-scene through specialised online groups and forums. It is now easier than ever before for party goers to access information about the scene and events. The UK’s passion for psychedelic music has also expanded to regions outside of London. Scenes have spurted and evolved in Bristol and North England. In Bristol the psy-community has a strong family vibe between the various local crews, who share a vision to take psy-trance to the next level through well organised and professional events. The legendary Tribe of Frog, Planet Shroom and Triplicity crews have been hosting colourful and spirited parties for many years. Other regular parties include: Jellyfish, Quantum Bleep, Psyanide, Psyberdelica and Psypirates. A few free parties have also manifested with thanks to Ninja Hippies and Psychedelic ResistDance. Dance floors can get packed with up to 1000 revellers attending the larger events.

In Northern England events such as Illuminaughty, Kanyini and Tribal Sphere keep the psy-scene alive and kicking, and in the far South party goers can expect a good old stomp at Tribalistic and Psycho events hosted at popular venue ‘The Barn’ in Portsmouth. Over the years, popularity of Psy-Trance in the UK has experienced highs and lows, just like any other dance genre. However, with an influx of new, young energy and continued dedication from the old skool ravers, the UK scene will continue to blast dance floors for generations to come.

Special thanks to DJ Tetrasound, Bristol and Reshma Biring (Resh Media) for assisting with this review.


Main Artist:

It is difficult to single out anyone as the UK scene is brimming with talent!

More artists:

It is impossible to include everyone in one single list that represents all the underground artists. An example of a few UK artists are: Amethyst, Aphid Moon, Beardy, Champa, Continuem, Dhuna, Dickster, Eat Static, EVP, Gelika, Hypnocoustics, Juno Reactor, Killerwatts, Kraken, Lorraine, Lucas, Mark Day, Matt Lorraine, Mechanimal, Mentalogic, Miss Piskey, Neill Moore, Nuky, Occular, OOOD, Orchid Star, Psibindi, Psyana, Psycommando, Psymmetrix, Renegade DJ, Sati, Sinerider, Sonic Species, Touch Tone.


The most important Psytrance related label:

Some of the current psy-labels and organisations representing the UK scene:

More labels

Alchemy Records, Anuki Media, Aphid Records, Arkona Creation, Bom Shanka Music, Catawampus Records, Cyan Fuschian Promotions, Dream Creation, Free Spirit Records, Higher Taste Project, Kundalini Records, Liquid Records, Mutagen Records, Nano Records, Psy-Sisters, Psynon Records, Revolve, Triskele Management, Twisted Records, Wild Things Records, YSE Records, Zero 1 Music


The most important Party/Festival:

For UK events listings check out:-

More parties:

These are just some of the events which are also prominent on the UK party calendar: Acid Monkey, Astral Circus, Atom, Chrysalid, Cohesion, Earthdance, Elixir of Life, Group 4 Peas, Inspiral, Mad Dreams Made Actual, Omniscience, Pan Galactic Space Disco, Pendragon, Progress Line, Psy-Invasion, Psy-Sisters, Return to Source, Shattered Barriers, Spring Wiggle and Tribal Village. Not forgetting special events hosted by renowned psy-labels and the string of UK festivals including: Alchemy, Boom Town, Cosmo, Life, Glade, Magikana, Noisily, No Man’s Land, Sunrise, and Waveform.

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

UK boasts an array of top decor teams, including:

More deco artists:

inOrbit, Geomatrix, Tribe of Frog, Omniscience, VJ Baby K

The preferred music style in your country:

The UK scene covers a wide spectrum of psy music. Therefore expect to hear all types of sub-genres on dance floors!

Party times:

Parties generally kick off around 10pm and go on to late.

Afterparty culture.

Club 414 in Brixton, London, is a popular venue for after parties in the area.
Keep your ear to the ground for private after parties hosted by DJs or other party folk.


Varies depending on the scale of the party. Door entry usually starts from £10 upwards.
Drinks also depend on the venue:
Alcoholic drinks: £3.00 – £5.00
Water £1.00 – £1.50

Drug screening:

Expect security at most events.

Points of interest:

Head down to Camden, London, for culture, markets, food stalls and an alternative shopping experience.
Inspiral is a popular venue for healthly organic food and music nights.

Best places for activities:

The UK is highly diverse. Head into the capital London for a taste of vibrant city life.
Waterloo’s Southbank is a lively area on the River Thames with urban street music, art and fresh food stalls bustling underneath the London Eye.

Best places to stay:


Best places to eat:

Check out Time Out magazine for eating and drinking guide.


Website 1.

Psy-Sisters on facebook
Psy-Sisters is a global arts collective of female mavericks that specialise in creative collaboration and event production. It is an organisation to help,
seek and inspire women as artists and to provide a platform for new aspiring artists to express themselves creatively, in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Website 2.

Earth Dance Radio
Earth Dance Radio on facebook
E.D.R is a new concept in the world of radio, with an intention to blend the widespread popularity of dance music
of all genres with a need to be socially responsible for the environment we live in.

Website 3.


Funny Stuff:


Check out Southall, Ealing for a unique experience of ‘Little India’.
Enjoy Asian culture and tasty cuisine!

About the Author:





About You:

Psibindi is breaking fresh new ground in Psychedelic Trance, using her unique vocal ability to add a powerful human feeling to the music. The classically trained Indian singer and accomplished psychedelic trance DJ is now making waves as a producer.

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Deep, psychedelic and innovative

Your Role:

Psibindi is a DJ, Vocalist and Producer signed to UK based label Aphid Records (also home of UK Psy-Trance maestro Aphid Moon and DJ Kaptain Kairos) –

The Artist is also lead vocalist for electronic chill project ‘Dhuna’ (Higher Taste Project)
Psibindi is also Director / Founder of Psy-Sisters, a global arts collective, providing a promotional platform for female artists / creative women in the electronic dance scene.


Your Facebook Page:

Psibindi on facebook

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