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Well it is time to let the world know that we also have our fair share of freaks that like the Darkpsychedelic sounds the most! Every year there is some more information about labels as Suntrip (Old and Newskool) and Lost Theory (Forest and Darkprog) but they are getting bigger and bigger (think European Festivals) while the smaller labels in Belgium are also on the rise, to name a few; Arcade Disfunction Rec, Twisted Spiral Nights and Warromaja (most organisers have worked on different labels in the past and are now rejuvenated with new forces and ideas!

Darkpsy went silent around 2008, right after the time that all the little crews that made those kind of parties formed Lost Theory and started more to focus on Forest Psy. But the public still had a hunger for the darker sounds so some organisations started popping out of the ground around 2009-2010, after 4-5 years they are capable of CD releases and bigger parties, as well as recognition..

With all those years of experience they are well connected and known for the Darkpsy parties in Belgium, alot of people from The Netherlands, France and Germany come just for 1 blasting night ! And afterparty if possible..

2015 is gonna be a good year for Darkpsy & Forest in Belgium


Main Artist:

Mind Distortion System
Mind Distortion System on facebook

Scope on facebook

More artists:

Live acts:
Dinotic, Kaikkialla, Cosmic Lizard, BlueSpike

Dark Euforia, Djinn, Dohiyi, Ferratek, Helloki, Matka, Yuga


The most important Psytrance related label:

Arcade Disfunction Records
Arcade Disfunction Records on bancamp

More labels:

Warromaja ( on facebook )
Twisted Spiral Nights ( on facebook)
Suomifreakandelle, So You Think You Can Trance

Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

Xibalz on facebook

More deco artists:

Warromaja, Mystical Forest

The preferred music style in your country:

Darkpsy and Oldschool, Nithzo and Fullon and smaller Forest & Suomi

Party times:

22h till 10h is not uncommon

Afterparty culture.

t used to be 1,5hour drive with the car or busses and then walk for some miles in the forest, sometimes we find those gems but its mostly big and legal locations nowadays


Free donations, cheap beers and free water
Small gatherings / Benefiets, 5euro, cheap beers and free water
Big Gatherings, 10 to 25 euro, 1,5 to 2,50 for 1 drink

Drug screening:

Pretty normal, just don´t act like a fool on drugs because then they will treat you like one..

Funny Stuff:


Its Belgian Fries GOD DAMN IT !
French Fries comes from frenching the fries in hot oil !

About the Author:



Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Dark Psychedelic

Your Role

Dj and labelowner
part of different crews in Europe
overall party bussiness 🙂

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