How is Psychedelic Romania looking in 2015?

Great! J

Lots of parties, promo parties and festivals were rising this year, most of them around Transylvania (Center and hart of Romania) and the psychedelic scene is getting bigger and bigger every year, stretching its wings in all the country.

Sibiu … is the town where everything started and developed beautifully and rapidly. In Romania only few people knew about psychedelic music back at the end of ’90   but in Sibiu these few people repeatedly gathered and formed the scene in Sibiu. Here are some known names I would like to mention Atma, Styx, Lygos, R-tur. 

Here the sun has started to rise and give birth to the most known festival in Psy Romania: Transylvania Calling with its first edition in 2004. This year reaching after 11 years its 9th edition TC opens its gates on 24 august and close them on 31 august. Some of the artists from the line-up: Alien Spirit, DigitalX, Zambu, Spectral Vibration, The Paco Project, Vensker, KleySky, Yumi Mononoke and more.

Later in the same town the second festival started to gather the happy people from all over the world and both worlds called Transylvaliens Festival. The festival also contains a variety of modern and futuristic art workshops (visual art, dancing, card reading, voice discovery, permaculture, healing, yoga, mandala connection, juggling trilling, experimental crazy ideas). This year the gates open on 9 July and close on 12 July and some artists from the line-up are: Talamasca, U-Recken, Dimension 5, Digicult, Atma, Ocelot, Agneton, Asura, Imba, Flanger Strangers, Lupin, Ancient Core, Goatree, Flanger Strangers, Achiyalatopa, Alphatrance, Elepsy, Prog-A-Lot, Orbika, Kugler, Latam, Lygos, Bahr Mimesis Deco, César Mimesis, CromoNova, Hase, Mawski, mindTe@ser, Nude Dude, Ondrej Psyla and more.

Both festivals are focusing on the psychedelic music: goa, progressive, full on, dark psy, forest, chill-out and variations. 

Waha Festival (held also in Transylvania) at its 4th edition in 2015 has also an alternative stage. Gates open on 23 July and close on 26 July and have 3 dedicated music stages, offering a wide variety of musical styles: psytrance stage: psychedelic, goa & progressive trance; alternative stage: live concerts, fusion, alternative, electronica, techno, jam sessions; chill-out stage: ambient, downtempo, dub. Some of the artist from the psy line-up: Atriohm, Arjuna, Kliment, Hipogeo, Karash, Sourone, Ianuaria, Nocti Luca and more.

Satori Festival‘s second edition wishes to be an intimate gathering tucked away in Romania’s breathtaking wild nature takes place in 17 – 19 July also somewhere in Transylvania and some of the artist from the line-up are: Audiosyntax, Dark Whisperer, AMK, Atomic.

So dear traveler add Romania on your psy road trip for 2015 and also for the next years if you’re interested to find wild nature, fresh air and psy artist on the scene. 

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