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In the East L.I.S.A. organises first class events both small and big. In Stockholm, you have a variety of Trance parties. The biggest organisers, attracting a Fullon audience with international line up are Technostate and UBV. If you are more up for Darkprog zenonesque vibe, look out for SPDIF. Underground psychedelic forest and Suomi Trance is always well served, with good bookings by UrFunktion. Mindgamers and Trillah Hillah focus on the darker sides. Daytime parties are multiplying, often with more Progressive and techno music. Around Örebro, where the first Trance seed found Swedish soil in the late 80´s, it is still possible to find a true underground party in the forest!

In the South, the open air season begins with “The Dance of the Planets”, later followed by Frijord and at the end SkåneSafari.
Indoor parties are underground, often with a mix of Progressive and psychedelic Trance.
Keep an eye open for parties organised by Earthpunk or Skånska festakademien.
The scene around Göteborg and in the west, as in the rest of Sweden, has matured.
In the simple sense of high level production parties on a regular basis, very often with respected artists from abroad. Connected Network presents mostly Fullon stuff with a pinch of Psy, while Genesis project focuses on the more progressive, clubby side of Trance. While only a couple of years ago it was literally impossible to get permission to organise a Trance festival, in 2013 Genesis Festival will legally take place again after a successful first edition in 2012. It is also possible to experience more dark oriented Psy parties in the Göteborg area, couple of times every year organised by Altius & Sabi.



The oldest organiser in town, Flexible is still active making a couple of proper parties every year, attracting both oldschoolers and newcomers!
Music-wise Sweden is one of the biggest exporters in the world. This is also true for electronic dance music. In all genres of Psytrance there are great producers – both legends and funky fresh talents (see box 1). We also have quite some really skilled djs, all trustable wizards behind the decks (see box 2). Diffus, NOS and INTI are some of the well established decorators. Last but not least, I would like to tell you the story about the actual peaking, deeply profound, spiritual, full-power-blast, psychedelic, tribal, Swedish troll forest dance experience! If you are a freaking seeker, feel free to join the tribe by visit Love Forest, Forest Star or Andra Vaer(l)den. Free upgrade to your higher frequency is guaranteed! By the way, there is a law in Sweden allowing everyone to camp almost everywhere for one night! A couple of times every summer and autumn, you can find a dark and colourful underground forest party in our brother-country Norway. In July 2014 there will be a MIDNIGHTSUNFESTIVAL far north in Norway, calling for the global dance tribe to join forces where the sun never sets! Keep your senses open and check for Swedish parties.

Alex Shantarolf

Alex Shantarolf

Alex Shantarolf
(inspired being/dj/organiser)

Shops & more:
Genesis Festival
4–7 July, Sweden
Live acts: Atmos , Neelix, Liquid Soul, Vaishyas, Gaudium, Major 7, U-Recken, X-Noise, Tenka, Logic Bomb, Mad Actors, Chromosome, Alter Nature & Endorian.

Music Scene:

Swedish djs:
Bakke, Morg, Peter Didjital, Ego-T, Hadji, Anneli, Shantarolf, Terpsichore, Ifan, Trippy Mjaumix, Infra, UKIRO, Oso Carbon, Fleuw, Glen C, Tobbe, IcaruZ, Soundog, Lurfilur, Bæverdisco, Dennis the Menace, Pacifist, Neustromm, Matt with an S, LoA and Molekyl
Some Swedish

Psytrance producers:

S>Range, Logic Bomb, Artax, Procs, Derango, Andromeda, Chromosome, Miraculix, Ibojima, Endorian, Itchy vibes, Mad Actors, TJP, Leenuz, Etnoscope, Altius, In Your Phase, Toady, Son Kite, Ticon, Hellquist, Trance-Ingvars, Battle of the future Buddhas, Sienis, Noma, Verb, Grydemix BK, Hallucinogenic Horses, Alter Nature, Connected Visions, Filteria, Sinepearl, Ka-Sol, Makadam, Hux Flux, Gaudium, Nangiala, Vibrasphere, Wizack Twizack, Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms

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