10996698_443868745775954_4421217157784851585_nThe Liberators International supports a cause, which in turn is worth supporting: Liberation. This group is seeking to dissolve the systems of so-called social behaviors that keep us atomized from each other. We live in a world wherein communication is instant: we can talk to a person in space-station orbiting the earth. The internet is slowly turning into an extension of our collective knowledge, and despite this heighted level of connectivity, we march like rodents bitten by the hypnotic venom of manufactured artificial systems.

The Liberators International was started by Peter Sharp, an artist who is bent on creating social art with a difference. He states, “The creation of art has become a shared priority for people from all over the world to unite in something that gives working proof that a better, more harmonious future is possible. My life work points itself towards engaging communities in playful activities that empower people to share acts of love and kindness with each other.”

The Liberators do not take out axes and go on an insane chopping spree, rather, the Liberators call for people to break the mundane routine of their lives by taking a moment to breathe. From starting impromptu dance parties on trains, to meditation sessions in the heart of the city, to asking people to shake a leg in malls as opposed to drowning in the bottomless well of consumerism, this group’s actions deserve a standing ovation.

You could probably do the same in your city, town, or train. Get out of the safety of the mental ‘panic-room’ that the governments with their endless talk fear-mongering tactics have constructed around us. All it takes is a little courage…and some groovy music.

Check their FB page for more spunky vids.

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