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The Mind Heart Connection is a music project that involves the human spirit, the balance through the life itself.

It´s like the human heart as a muscle, which feeds on the lifegiving nutrients brought to it by blood circulation. Then it comes your brain, is that the muscular walls in the parts of your circulatory system in and around your heart are connected by a communication network with your brain.

Communication takes place in your brain and constantly releasing hormones into your bloodstream which tell your cardiovascular system what to do. These hormones are picked up by receptor cells lining the walls of your blood vessels. These receptor cells function like satellite dishes.

 In addition, you also have nerve endings reaching all the way from your brain into the muscular vessel walls, which is an even more direct way of communication. Messages sent from your brain either hormonally or through nerve impulses, can tell the musclular tissue of your circulatory system to either relax or contract. With this communication network you can literally train your circulatory system to tense or relax.

This is the science part explain a little bit this connection, the life part is up to you. I hope you connect in a deep level and discover this music project that heals yourself.

I invite you to use this mind heart connection to look within, to become deeply connected to yourself.

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