Android Jones 

“If I could distil into words exactly what motivates me to create the art that I make than it would not be worth making it.” I asked Android Jones some questions anyway – and he gave some very interesting answers.

You describe yourself as an ‘electro-mineralist’ – Can you please explain this term?

Mankind is a medium that the universal creative spirit expresses itself through, and that expression is dependent of the medium that is made available to mankind. Artists are defined by their mediums, the vast majority of art history in regards to image making has been dominated by animal and vegetable mediums. Tools are a creation of our consciousness; and now the creative spirit seeks new mediums to express its evolution. Technology and computers are born from the intelligent directed manipulation of earth minerals infused with the power of electricity. It is the next natural evolution of artistic mediums. Therefore I feel electro-mineralism is a more appropriate terminology to describe the medium that consciousness has now chosen to express itself.

You have the chance to transmit one, and only one, of your pictures to an alien world. Which one would it be?

I think that I would select the Union image [on the mushroom cover page Spring 2013]; it’s the best attempt to describe the love between two Earthlings. And out of all my images it is the one picture that an overwhelming number of human seem to connect with.

This year you will be the curator for Boom Festival’s art exhibition. What’s your basic concept?

This year Boom has chosen to evolve the art gallery model into the Boom Art Museum. This will provide a platform to showcase more of the history of visionary and psychedelic painting and help inform and educate Boomers into the lineage of this particular vein of universal creativity.

On Midnight Sunrise, your weekly internet radio show, you discuss ‘the in’s and out’s of the alternative core community’… what is your mission?

In recent shows we have focused on the New Age deception and site specific examples that many aspects of the American counter culture is a “counter container”  that has been manufactured as an oppressive tool to keep the youth occupied, distracted, and inactive towards making real change in the world.

Which artists are you stoked about at the moment?  

There are many painters from past and present that I admire, but I always find superior inspiration from high quality video and photographs of nature; particularly macro photography or Hubble Space Telescope images. The overwhelming majesty of deep space galaxies in contrast to the intricate complexity of microscopic patterns help me to create a more integral set of parameters that I can contextualize the sublime beauty of creation.  

Interview by Roberdo Raval

More infos @

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In Memory of Breanna Levine,

I made this image to express all of the words that i cant find, and Everything I wish I had said to you. 
May I honor the lesson of your final statement.
goddess of Dust
wander Awakening, the art work for David Wilcocks new Album
Adam Bomb
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Bre- Skin
John Perry Barlow
Tiffa Novoa
Lady K
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3 days ago

Android Jones

Use your mind wisely... 👁

Mind Machine, 2014
-Dharma Droid
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Use your mind wisely... 👁

Mind Machine, 2014 
-Dharma Droid

Comment on Facebook Use your mind ...

This is very intelligent art ✨

Turn this into a mask for IFL!

So much amazing detail im jelly

The detail in this piece is amazing

I love all the versions of Mind Machine. Would love to see it sold in a larger format than Alpha, though, and in portrait mode.

Taison she’s so purrrrdy 🥰

Beautiful 💚

Timmy Farrell

Melanie Davies Xx


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August vibes... 

Tigris, 2016. 
-Dharma Droid

Comment on Facebook August vibes... ...

Miss you Andrew & Martha.

Ahhh so I've had this as my phone background for 4 years...nice

Ohhhh.... she is truly divine magique'

That's awesome! Looks like someone went crazy with a Monarch sample.

Always amazing! 💗

So awsome . I just got a lightform projector is it possible to get some of ur work digital to project it into trees ? Love ur work

She watches over my bedroom. 🧡

Yo I have this pin!!!!!

Do you ever have any classes? I would love to learn from you and see the progress it takes for you to create these masterpieces ♥️

Hey Noelle Lowery it's the shirt I got for you at tipper and friends!!!

Felipe Quintana this would look amazing next to our Swallow Tail tapestries!


Holy F@&¥ balls!

Ralph almost looks like u in all your finery

This was right underneath your post - on my wall ~

This Leo approves.


Leo vibes!

Ooooof. 🤤🤤

Jena Hi'ilani Hee

Samantha Artemis


Ryan Dawson

Juanma Cuco

Destry Robbins

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1 week ago

Android Jones

Check out the new Boom Festival Bazaar, an online sustainable marketplace brought to you by Boom Festival, Portugal. You will find a selection of paper and soon to come canvas prints available, along with a stack of other artists and their offerings.

Boom Festival, a biennial festival that gathers free spirits from all over the globe in Portugal, developed a brand new collaborative project with small producers, indie brands, and craftspeople. We are part of a whole new global community called Boom Festival Bazaar.

The Bazaar is an online marketplace born amid the Covid-19 pandemic. A pandemic that is threatening the sustainability of several sectors practicing independent culture.

The intention is to practice an alternative way of trading products within a community of like-minded beings, thus contributing to the creation of a new economic model.

This drives the Bazaar’s policy, which ensures: products are ethically sourced, workers are fairly paid and items are made with a standard of high quality.

By doing so, together we want to create an ethical system, based on responsible supply chains, with the well-being of people and planet at the very core.

Our ultimate aim is to inspire a responsible lifestyle, ultimately enabling environmental regeneration, social and cultural transformation.

Join this community. Together We ChooseTomorrow
-Dharma Droid
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