You have to be a really inexperienced novice to freak out when you‘re stoned. We all have those friends though, the ones that ask to smoke your bud ignoring your faint warnings that it‘s really strong.

Scientific Theory: The top three that Will Freak You Out If You’re Stoned

As they inhale your stash you can almost see the inner-workings of their brain begin to lose control over their grasp of reality and within minutes they‘re in full panic mode, running around your apartment like an infantile wildebeest. For those people, Hemp Five has made a list of the top three scientific theories that will freak you out when you’re stoned.

Scientific Theory 1: The Holographic Universe Theory

scientific theory to freak you out while stonedThe scientific theory about the Holographic Universe states that everything we interact with, the chair you’re sitting in, the phone you may be holding, even the blood-shot eyes with which you read this is merely a projection from a two-dimensional plane of existence that Talbot calls the ‘Holographic’.
With actual holographic film (the stuff your ‘foil’ collectible trading cards were made out of), if you view an image and then cut that film in half, all information stored on the original ‘whole’ film is duplicated in both films, but with a slight degradation of quality works indefinitely, so theoretically if you have a holographic film that’s infinite in size, and on this holographic film of infinite size you print all things in existence (and all things we can’t imagine would be in existence), then cut that infinitely large film into infinite smaller parts, then cut those parts into even more infinite parts, each part would store the same amount of data, which is infinity.

Scientific Theory 2: Zero Dimension

scientific theory to freak you out while stoned„Zero is powerful because it is infinity‘s twin. They are equal and opposite, yin and yang. They are equally paradoxical and troubling. The biggest questions in science and religion are about nothingness and eternity, the void and the infinite, zero and infinity.“
Those are the first words about this scientific theory that you read when this micro-doc by Rob Bryanton starts to play, and if you haven‘t already fled to a corner in your room after reading it, then you‘re sure to freak yourself out by watching his new ‚Imagining the Zeroth Dimension.‘
In ‚Imagining The Zeroth Dimension‘ Rob Bryanton essentially tells us that it‘s impossible to conceive of a zero dimension, and then he eloquently explains if there is a zero dimension, it would somehow encompass nearly everything in existence, but if one item is removed, it transforms value. Imagine if you took every number and then took the negative of every number and combined them — the value would be zero. Therefore in a universal perspective if you took matter and anti-matter, all universes and every inverse of those universes and combined them, the value would be zero. So in essence, zero is everything, and it‘s also nothing. Yeah, marinate on that.

Scientific Theory 3: Mandelbulbs

scientific theory to freak you out while stonedA Mandelbulb is a 3D representation of a Mandelbrot — a mathematical equation in which the result goes towards infinity. If I played less POGs and didn‘t draw picture-perfect Nike logos in junior high math class then I would be able to explain the concept of fractals better. However, Mandelbrot fractals are visual representations of infinities, to be more specific infinite infinities. If you had a microscope powerful enough to zoom in 2,000x on a fractal, the complexity of what‘s seen would still be infinite, in fact the microscopic depth would be virtually impossible to discern from the full-sized image. While this is extraordinarily mind bursting, Mandelbrots were only 2D depictions of infinite infinities — that is until Mandelbulbs came along.
Now we know what the infinite looks like when applied to the dimension we all inhabit, and it will undoubtedly remind you of that time in college when you thought taking an entire sheet of blotter acid was a good idea.

Scientific Theory report by Zeus Tipado

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