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psylo fashion

Fashion Special 2016: Psylo

Psylo brings forward a fusion of unique culture, contemporary art, and ancient artifacts that is incorporated into their edgy cuts. Catering to the wide diversity of genre sub-cultures, their clothes are sought out by the Punks, Emos, Goths, and are […]


psychedelic Trance Underground is alive and kicking in North Wales

We have a few hidden treasures in the forests of North Wales a small crew of people have been partying in the forests and mountains for over 9yrs. Every year there is at least two major events. In North Wales […]

Ohm Mind by

Ohm Mind – Unleashing The Ohm

The Story Of Ohm Mind Craving to find yet another perfect sound, Jérémy (Ohm Mind) conquers the European Goa Trance scene since 2014. His passion and endurance came across open-hearted friends who helped to shape and improve his distinct style […]

Laughing Buddha – 001

In this very exciting interview Jeremy aka Laughing Buddha talks about his origins as a Trance musician and his future plans!

Psytrance Legend UX Are Back – Time To Ride The New Psytrance Wave

Back to the future: UX legend Kris Kylven re-enters Psytrance orbit by releasing a mindblowing new mix. It infects us with a virus that makes our minds go on a timeless journey into new realms. The Mayan concept of time […]

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