Adults in Uruguay can possess up to 40 gram, public consumption is prohibited. You can grow your own or grow in clubs, or obtain through retail pharmacies. Sale to foreigners and advertisement is prohibited.

Slowly, slowly…but register first, please


Uruguay‘s model of regulation is regarded as „administratively severely burdened”, through the chosen state monopoly of cannabis production sale remains in the hands of non-profit organisations. However, the state leaning model comes closer to requirements of public health as experts believe.
In the relatively small South American country even before a left coalition took over in 2009 the minimum sentences for producing and trading drugs had been lessened. Then since 2011 the legalisation process has been set in motion at a gentle pace. A majority in parliament has passed a law not until the end of 2013. which made Uruguay the first country globally introducing a regulation for medicinal usage of cannabis though – yet, the ruling government still lacks a majority support for this in the population.
Basically there is a obligation for registration, no matter whether one chooses growing your own or as a member of a social club of consumers, or the plants are acquired through retail pharmacies. You can grow up to six plants. The social clubs are allowed to grow 99 plants at the most – with 15-45 members. They grow plants and subsequently distribute 40 gram per month and member at the most from the yield – from retail pharmacies a patient can obtain 10 gram per week. A potency between 5-13% is targeted (THC), the price should be close to the black market price and be around 1,20 $ per gram.


So far only 3,200 persons have complied with the registration obligation with the register of the national institute for the regulation and control of cannabis (IRCCA) which does not really speak in favour for the persuasiveness of the model. Nationwide there are thought to be 15-30 cannabis clubs.
Whether the very tight control mechanisms, which in theory offer better control rather discourage than they avail benefits in the face of this deficient demand is to be seen. Essentially it can be stated that even in 2016 Uruguay‘s state monopoly is capable of improvement, many questions are not answered yet, developments only discernible rudimentally. In Uruguay consumption has been steadily increasing since 2000 too.

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