They‘re not allowed to grow yet but an administrative obstacle for the installation of a Cannabis Social Club (CSC) in the capital has been crossed.

First Cannabis Social Club club has been founded in Berlin

The first official Cannabis Social Club in Berlin is a milestone in the history of cannabis culture in Germany.

On the international LSD-holiday, the so-called Bicycle Day (April 19), the first official Cannabis Social Club in Berlin has been founded in Kreuzberg. Torsten Dietrich is the 1. chairman of the club and optimistic as fas as the future of the CSC is concerned.

At the least, one cannabis patient, after years of legal fights, succeeded in court and gained the right to grow his medicine (see News in this edition). The objective of the CSC has approached considerably: „The declared aim of the CSC Berlin is to grow medicinal cannabis for patients, who possess an exception permit and can obtain cannabis as medicine in drugstores. Since medicinal cannabis costs about twice as much as comparable cannabis on the black market, the CSC Berlin – as soon as the legal situation has cleared – wants to offer a distinctly cheaper alternative“, reads the club‘s website.

Until this day has come and the CSC can grow its own plants, the members of the association are busy activists.

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