Markus Berger answers all our questions about the currently very trendy cannabidiol CBD, the non-psychoactive sister of THC, and his latest book.


CBD Markus Berger Cannabidiol

therapeutic potential of CBD, basic knowledge of cannabis, vegan recipes: Nachtschattenverlag 25€

After discovering the term cannabis as medicine quite often and additionally in the book‘s back that most of the authors are cannabis patients sporting an exception permit, we recalled Howard Marks‘ words (Rest in peace!) who once said: “Naturally I welcome the legalisation of marihuana for medicinal purposes but personally I would not want to wait for cancer in order to legally smoke.” Having become somewhat sceptic we thought let‘s talk to one of the authors why this is this the stuff we all crave.

Markus, in the foreword you wrote, cannabidiol is developing into „a trend“, it is both „an efficient natural medicine“ and „at the same time lifestyle product with potential“, yet you seem to focus on „cannabis patients“. Honestly what user value does has the book for normal users, that is those without an exception permit?

CBD Markus Berger CannabidiolAt first it would have to be defined what is a normal user, you probably have in mind your standard pothead. The CBD book is primarily meant for those to whom the subject is of interest, patients, therapists and cannabis lovers. In the first part, the medical practitioner and expert in things cannabis as medicine, Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen writes about the status quo of CBD research. What are the potentials of this cannabinoid with respect to healing? What are the differences to the psychoactive molecule THC? Which diseases could be already treated with CBD today? In which direction is moving science. In the middle, I report about the possibilities of extracting CBD and other cannabinoids or rather the mix of agents of the hemp plant, and at the end readers can follow the several hemp based recipes of the Berlin confectioner and hemp patient Kathrin Gebhardt.
Basically the book is really not exclusively aimed at cannabis patients with an exception permit. In order to use a massage oil containing CBD, for example or similar purposes, as you can shop at many places currently no permission is required. Moreover, knowledge about agents of plants interests many people. Not everyone acquiring a book about healing plants is terribly sick.

What is new about CBD, in contrast to THC?

CBD Markus Berger CannabidiolCBD and THC cannot really be compared in this regard. Though with the interaction of the two molecules, or rather groups of molecules we have synergies. E.g. cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects and therefore you also have a different legal situation contrary to tetrahydrocannabinol. The new function of CBD probably lies in its availability. While the handling of THC and products containing THC is prohibited, CBD is not subject to the narcotic law‘s prohibitive policy. Although the free availability could be limited in the future. At the moment there are discussions to classify CBD into the pharmaceutical law and make it subject to medical prescription.

When we make a reality check, which trusted shop or dealer stores herbals featuring an above average portion of CBD?

I have no idea, I have not pondered about this.

In consequence then, extracting could be the real McCoy as you recommend?

Not for everyone. But it is a method amongst many, perhaps suiting some.

Let‘s be frank, who extracts or even has the technical capacities?

We are describing extraction with everyday extractors for everybody. Apart from that I document the Rosin-method, a simple extraction, which can be done using a flat iron for hair.

Dr.Franjo Grothenhermen could prescribe a lotion containing 5% of CBD as medicine. Yet this will cost you 120 € for 20ml , 220€ for 40ml, 320 € for 60 ml and a staggering 420 € for 80ml – (and this is only for those in possession of an exception permit!), which seems quite expensive: How much would you have to expect for an appropriate administration?

That‘s individually different. The question, how many milligram morphine a pain patient might take, would be a comparison. Some require a smaller doses in larger intervals, while the other might require twice of thrice this to palliate his symptoms or treat his pains.

CBD Markus Berger CannabidiolWho can afford the obviously quite expensive CBD lotions or wellness-products?

What I think that‘s caused by the system. As a rule a considerable amount is added to the price of pharmaceutical products and wellness-products. Sometimes with those high prices you also pay for the development of these products of course.

You are writing that CBD is completely legal in Germany and Switzerland and that the market is flooded with pharmaceutical and wellness-products “which are partly pure CBD“. Which legal products are there in Germany?

Oils for massage (CBD-oils), hemp oils, creme, capsules containing hemp oil, body butter, CO2-extracts and the like.

How do you explain the hype about CBD, which can be detected at fairs for example?

As we are talking about a still legal cannabinoid that seems to fascinate many. Its usability for healing purposes is another aspect which stirs public interest. With this very interesting cannabinoid, which does not fall under the narcotics law some activists further hope that one can talk about cannabis in a gentle way plus raise the awareness about hemp – which is working quite well. Society‘s acceptance of cannabis and cannabis as medicine seems to have widened.

Markus, thank you for the talk!

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