25 years Psytrance and club culture in Hamburg

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In any case, this includes Oli Stoll, known from Traxx/Roxx, Juice Club and Events like the „ov-silence Summer Opening”.
We asked how it all started.

How much optimism was in the game when deciding to host?
Infinite! Already 1989 with 15 years, on the way with my friend Aris, resident DJ in a club at the redlight district already, me – infected by him with the Techno virus – stood in front of a demolition building (today a huge Cinema) and dreamed of my own club.

How did you perceive the Hamburg scene back then – HH as capital of Trance?
In the early 90’s, long before I started to organise parties, it was ‘new territory’ for all of us. Everyone who found their way to these events was fascinated by the power of the unknown, this absolute new kind of music. That connected the people and gave the parties this special ‘spirit of time’.

Why did you start playing Psytrance so late?
Late? At the beginning of the 90s, when the first techno subgenres like Psytrance/Goa developed, I started to play vinyl. Out of passion, not with the goal of becoming a DJ or satisfying a ‘profile neurosis’. That’s why I didn’t DJ at my parties. To book myself or even to present myself as a headliner, as unfortunately is almost the rule today; for me a ‘no go’. My ‘DJ career’ started when people heard while chilling that I collect records and even could mix. The story took its course – First I played at private parties, followed by ‘official’ paid bookings.

Your wishes for the future, what do you want to do?
My “Big three for Life”: Learn to make music, to produce my own album. A house by the lake. Watching wild wolves at the Yellow Stone Park.

Where, apart from the Juice Club, can you be found in summer?
All our events and much more infos you’ll find here:
Gigs on my DJ-fanpage at
… and of course on the Antaris, 2019 unfortunately only as a guest, but an absolute must.

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See You Later...
Sternstunden XXIV
;-)Sternstunden XXIV
Timetable 2019

1st Night - Heiligabend – 24.12.2019

23:00 Rouven
01:00 Goazilla
02:30 Dean Vigus
04:00 Lick`n Flip live
05:00 Jonny F. Ketz
06:30 YanneX
08:30 Maik Hotz & ov-silence.oli
⇒ open end

2nd Night - 25.12.2019 – 2 Floors

22:00 Djane Kimie
00:30 Connexx live
01:30 Bim
03:30 Second Side live
05:00 Mantara
06:30 Neuroplasm live
08:00 Kaishi
10:00 ov-silence.oli
⇒ open end

23:30 Spectral Genesis
01:30 Error in Dimension
03:30 Alpha
06:00 Paradox

Dekoriert von Fluorooptic

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.. and more is on the way! :-)Out Now!!
Tekbot - Back To The jungle (OSM047EP)
Check The Player:
#release #psychedelic #progressive #deep #techno #ovsilence #trance #psytrance #clubtools #tekbot #toxigen #outnow
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..  and more is on the way! :-)
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