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In summer 2019 the last mushroom magazine saw the light of the psytrance world. After exactly 25 years it was over and it was a logical step for us to discontinue the magazine after a quarter of a century.

The plan was to bring another Trancers Guide to the Galaxy special issue in spring 2020 as a farewell and at the same time (then) to use new possibilities on the internet to bring the psytrance vibes to the world.

But then – you know it – everything changed in the spring of 2020 and the world came to a standstill. Pandemic. Nothing worked anymore.

After a period of shock and postponement of the Trancers Guide to 2021, the world increasingly realized that nothing would ever be the same again.

A different world

While the world was in a pandemic coma, there were still organizers who, against all odds, held parties and festivals. While most events had to be canceled shortly before, some organizers managed to hold their events while adhering to the rules and taking great organizational and financial risks. At this point our great respect!

However, we could not afford to take such a risk. The plan was to be there for our partners and support them via social media until we had a way to finally release the Trancers Guide. If you follow us on Facebook, you will have noticed that Manjula posted news about every 1-2 days. At this point also a thank you 🙂 Also big thanks to Maxim who updated the Festival Map. .

Due to the worldwide exceptional situation, however, this means for the Trancers Guide magazine that it has to be completely rewritten. After all, the world has been a different place since March 2020.

But not only that. Communication among people also changed fundamentally in many areas. After my first Zoom online lockdown party, my head felt like it was at a party judging by the (alcohol) consumption, but a digital gathering can never replace true encounters.

But to this day, the event industry unfortunately still doesn’t have the planning capability it needs and continues to ask itself questions like…

  • Can the event take place?
  • Under what conditions can it take place?
  • Which is better: to postpone or to stick to the festival date with financial risk?
  • Is it even possible for the international artists to come to the festival because of the current restrictions?
  • Can people come at all or do Corona rules prevent festival attendance?

Trancers Guide 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Trancers Guide Magazine 2022 was scheduled to be released on Feb. 22, 2022, but unfortunately was not feasible under these unclear conditions.

Writing about festivals that could have given us only little valid information due to the unclear situation in the face of the Omikron variant seemed too superficial and also dangerous. The booklet would probably have been overtaken by other facts already in print. We could have written about how great life was before the pandemic, what the festival organizers are planning, but that we don’t know if all the information will be outdated by tomorrow.

After discussions with organizers of the psytrance community, we have decided to push Trancers Guide 2022 again for another year to 2023 and at the same time introduce a completely new digital medium for this year!


The more digitized world in the pandemic made me think of my last Open Letter from 2018, in which I wrote:

“The future is digital and boundless. That’s why the mushroom is still online. We are already working for you and all other readers as well as for our supporters on the best possible implementation of various new and sometimes extremely innovative online projects to bring the Psytrance spirit into the world in the future as well. For example, we support our supporters with innovative online methods for building communities so that you can stay connected with the Psytrance community without the large online companies monitoring and disclosing your personal data.”

By the way, the complete Open Letter from 2018 is available here:

Exactly what these innovative online projects should look like was not clear to us ourselves until the beginning of 2021. However, last year the idea for a new digital medium crystallized. The idea stems from our Hempedelic project, which also had to press the PAUSE button due to the pandemic, but got an unexpected strong boost through the Hempedelic Goodie Box. The Hempedelic Goodie Box is something like a game. If you participate here, you can easily earn a goodie box with many great hempedelic products. The players of this action are enthusiastic, as you can see in the reviews on the goodies page super well:

Transferred to the topic of psytrance, this means that you can earn psytrance festival tickets. How this works exactly, we will explain to you at the launch of this system (autumn 2022). A little spoiler: Tell your friends about your favourite festivals and get a ticket for yourself.

What’s next?

Detailed information about the launch of PSYTICKETS can be found on the mushroom magazine channels on our website and Facebook. Be sure to sign up there. This way you will be supplied with news from the psytrance festival world, even if you don’t feel like using Facebook or other media.

The TRANCERS GUIDE magazine will be published in spring 2023 – with exciting country reports from the psytrance world and essential information for all festival nomads.

We look forward to an exciting new cultural beginning!

See you on the dancefloor!


The DJ formerly known as Mat Mushroom

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