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What’s really going on in the cradle of our music scene

1. If you recall the first electronic Goa parties and compare them to what’s going on today, what’s the biggest difference? Even if practically everything has changed, please try to concentrate on one aspect that always strikes you!

The biggest difference to today is that in Goa there are virtually no Goa parties in the old sense anymore. Of course, there are still many events going on today, for example in the Curlies and the Shiva Valley on the beach, at Ramdas in the Nine Bar or in Hilltop, a fenced location with admission. The originals 20 years ago, however, took place in the jungle or the sea. There were Indian chai-ladies, there were the beggars with their sacred cows and the players with their playing cards and tin cups on their big blankets, where mountains of small rupee bills piled up. All were allowed to earn. Today it’s mostly enclosed areas, often indoor, owned by bar or restaurant owners. They make the parties, they make money from it. Unfortunately there are no wild locations anymore.

2. In German, there’s this winking saying: G.O.A. means ‘money without work’. Is that true of today’s Goa? Tell us a bit about typical, especially rich parents or hippies with the latest iPhone? What do the typical Goa people look like today?

I do not know this more or less stupid saying, nor does it apply to today’s Goa. Anyone who wants to earn money there or with “Goa” still has to work hard. Today these people are not dropouts, you could rather call them beginners. The children of rich parents and hippies with iPhones are everywhere in the traveler scene. I do not have typical Goa-people in mind. I think there, as everywhere, diversity of the different personalities is great. You should not lump people together because of the look.

3. From female Travelers we hear again and again that they are treated by men in India very intrusively. What’s your take on this topic? Was there a change in recent years? What do female solo travelers have to be prepared for?

I have been trying to look into the Indian soul for many years. I did not really notice that myself. But one knows that as a traveling woman in the whole world you should not be in the wrong places in the evening scantily clad. In India, you should probably be more careful about this than in Europe. In the evening after sunset women should avoid lonely places and have a male escort on the dark beach. Pretty girls get stared at parties elsewhere too. Unfortunately the problem of rape of women exists worldwide.

4. In addition, one hears again and again, Goa has degenerated for years to a”Mallorca Party” and the whole thing would be “Commerce” from front to back. You’ve been part of the scene for years – so honestly, is Goa still alternative (whatever that means)? To what extent would you describe it as “underground” (again the interesting side-question: what does that mean today anyway)?

There is commerce in all known destinations. Goa is a much visited party and vacation paradise, and as a business person you can become self-employed and make money. Many people there are creative and love what they do. They design clothes, are part of the famous Flea Market, work as DJs or run nice cafes and restaurants with good food. But the time of the underground is over. Goa was underground 20 years ago. Today, psytrance, techno and electronic music, everything that propelled Goa’s development, are widely recognized by all walks of life. There is a huge variety of yoga, meditation, alternative diet and much more about Body & Soul, but that also is nothing unusual any longer. One alternative to Germany, however, is unbeatable: the beautiful weather in the winter months! (-:

5. If you think back to all those years, please tell us about 2,3 highlights and 2,3 low points that you experienced in Goa. Personally, but also with respect to the place as a whole!

A low point was the death of my then best friend Klaus from Berlin, who helped me to realize the first Antaris. He died in a motorcycle accident in Goa. I can only say: Attention to all motorcyclists, it is more dangerous today than ever!

Another low point was the end of the old jungle parties, which were always fresh and exciting. Everyone drove around on motorbikes and searched for the location. “Where’s the party, where is the party?” they wondered at the intersections. You could hear the sound booming somewhere and had to look for the party in the direction from which the bass came. Sometimes we drove around for an hour or two to find the party. The more beautiful the arrival, and everyone was happy. At that time still with chai-ladies, players, beggars. It was great!

Another highlight besides the jungle parties was Olli Wisdom. He brought new music to Goa. I remember two parties, about mid-90s. One was somewhere near Morjim or Ashwem in the palm forest by the sea, the other right next to my former house on Grand Peddem in Bamboo Forest, Anjuna. They were brilliant parties, because a fresh musical wind was blowing. A new atmospheric time was initiated, which then came to an end in the new century in Goa. Just as all beauty passes with time.

Antaris Uwe
Uwe has been a connoisseur of the scene n Goa for many years and is the organizer of the Antaris Project in Stölln/Germany.
In 2018 the 24th ANTARIS will take place and the motto is more current than ever:
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5 days ago

Antaris Project

What a lineup😍 ... See MoreSee Less

What a lineup😍


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Sehr geil, da war ich grade 14 Jahre alt aber schon ziemlich angefixt von Blues and Jazz and Rock and Roll usw. Dann kamen die Siebziger. Oh Mannomann, waren das schöne und interessante Zeiten. Sex and drugs and Rock and Roll. Frauenpower, Studenten die noch auf die Straße gingen, Fritz Teufel, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Hendrix interpretiert die amerikanische Nationalhymne... Lang ist es her, heute wagen es wieder Menschen in Deutschland öffentlich den Hitler Gruß zu zeigen. Unglaublich aber wahr. Trotzdem, der Kampf geht weiter !! Antaris Project, für Freundschaft, Frieden und Freiheit ! Gegen Krieg ! Euer Uwe

Book one of them for the opening :D some are still active and alive

Wenn es Zeitreisen gibt weiß ich genau wo ich für drei Tage landen werde 😍😍😍

I guess this is what you get if people are willing to PAY for their music. Agreed Calle? (Update: the poster is allegedly not genuine, but I still stand by my opinion.)

Natascha Mtwd lol maintenant à Coachella ils passent de la vieille pop

Elvis und die Beatles auf der After Hour ;-) www.kraftfuttermischwerk.de/blogg/das-coachella-line-up-von-1969/

He das is nix für euch Tim BesterTim Lisa Bester Nur für mich.👍

No mames pagaría lo que para ver eso creo que arriba lo han de hacer ya me quiero ir diosito

Alles wunderbare Bands/ Künstler, bin zwar nicht das Baujahr aber höre alle sehr gern

Compared with the line up These days 😂😂😭

Jeg så en dokumenter om Bowie i går. En af dem siger: "At that time, we had the best sex, the best drugs and the best music!"

This is the line up I dream about when people mention concerts and music festivals. Apoorva Balaraju Anuradha Mukherjee Vidya Vijay Anieka Sequeira Shriya Shetty


Dream line up since coachella came 30 years later :)

Ab in den Delorean und ins Jahr 1969

Geil! Heute würde man sich über die schwache Frauenquote beschweren

hat sich ganz schön gewandelt di szene xD

Warum gibt es noch immer keine Zeitreisen?

Gibt es noch Karten an der Abendkasse?

Være med på festival Frode? I en DeLorean DMC-12? 🧐


Jacqueline Jöckel echt in der falschen Zeit geboren 😫

Gavin Johnston!!!! Let’s go? Lol

Mélina Favarel :'( ce genre de programme pepere

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6 days ago

Antaris Project

Nur noch 81 Tage ...

"Da wurde mir wieder mal bewusst, was für ein gutes Gefühl es ist, jederzeit in sicheren Händen zu sein." So könnte der letzte Satz in deinem persönlichen Antaris-Highlight lauten.

Mach mit beim Schreibwettbewerb und werde einer von 25 Gewinnern!

Alle Infos und Teilnahmebedingungen hier: tawegberg.blogspot.com/2018/07/antaris-highlights-schreibwettbewerb.html
... See MoreSee Less

Nur noch 81 Tage ... 

Da wurde mir wieder mal bewusst, was für ein gutes Gefühl es ist, jederzeit in sicheren Händen zu sein. So könnte der letzte Satz in deinem persönlichen Antaris-Highlight lauten. 

Mach mit beim Schreibwettbewerb und werde einer von 25 Gewinnern!

Alle Infos und Teilnahmebedingungen hier: tawegberg.blogspot.com/2018/07/antaris-highlights-schreibwettbewerb.htmlImage attachment


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Kevin Wato

Kevin Wato

1 week ago

Antaris Project

Antaris Project 2018 - @Murilo Ganeshpictures from the 24th Antaris Project 13th to 16th July 2018 by Murilo Ganesh ... See MoreSee Less


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Wow, incredible! Cannot wait to go for my first time next year! 😁☀️👍👌

such a killer party xx cant wait to come back one day <3

Jetzt gefunden im Markt...

Jason Statham... Schau mal hier...

Tolle Bilder! 😍

Kim Hinrichs hast Du Dich gesehen???😊

Mirko Stein... Thomas Laschet...

Anita Hirschmann

Helen Dotzauer

Oliver Hallmann

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