The ShaMane has been playing since 1996. He too earned his first DJ stripes in the Natraj Temple. Only a few cared for Psychedelic Trance in Munich at the time, therefore in retrospect it does not surprise that he got plunged in at the deep end as a DJ. The inspiration of the radiant people on the dance floor has always helped him.

What’s up in Munich?


„Make them fucking dance“
That’s what it is all about. Selecting the right track for the right moment sounds simple, and yet, is so hard. Especially nowadays, when the Zeitgeist has changed so enormously, distinctive melodies of the Psytrance between 1996-2000 no longer exist, the recognition-effect is missing and for people today getting into it is difficult.

“The basic idea of Psy must not be lost,” the ShaMane philosophizes, and he relatively quickly comes up with a number of defining and nice experiences from 21 years of Psy scene. Such as the former (!) voov / vuuv, especially playing there in 2010. Or the millennium in Japan, also a nice thing. Or the wonderful Universo Parallelo in Brazil. Of course desires remain, like the Ozora Festival.

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