Ask Dr. Goa: What is the meaning of life?

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I’m 23 years old, and kinda concerned with my state of life dr. Goa…Im loving the whole Psytrance scene, love the parties and the community, although most of my friends aren’t into it. Matter of fact they are getting maried, having kids, proper jobs, while I’m living with my parents, leeching on their money, and spending it on drugs, and tie-dyed t-shirts. Also I had no proper education, so the best I could do, is to go to work at McDonald’s, but the shifts are not compatible with the parties. Please help me!

Greetings! Your concept of a “proper job” seems to be seriously messed up. You have to understand that in real reality, there is only three kinds of proper jobs: Artist, yoga teacher or philosopher. Now who of your fancy-pants friends has this kind of job? Your job at that evil corporation-ruled fast food chain might suck, but be assured: The jobs of those friends suck just as hard! Also your concept of “proper education” appears to be a result of governmental brainwashing: The best academy for proper education and even wisdom is, of course, the dance floor. Honestly, it seems like you have to dig much deeper into the scene to really understand the meaning of life!

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