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Electronic Music Producer – Asher Swissa, aka SKAZI, the Israeli well-known DJ, producer, performer and TV Star, is considered to be one of the leading names in the worldwide electronic dance music and trance scenes. From participating at Ninja Israel VIP to playing at the world biggest stages, Skazi is officially the Israeli Ambassador of the electronic music scene in the world and the busiest Israeli artist in the industry.

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With over a million followers in the leading social networks and millions of listeners on the most popular streaming services, Skazi constantly playing and performing in huge festivals and events like Tomorrowland, Ultra music festival, Parookaville, xxxperience and Airbeat. One festival with large audiences all over the globe, putting dance-floors on fire with his energetic DJ sets that combine various electronic elements and motives wrapped with his distinct and unique sound.

Skazi’s music combines guitars, strings, electronic synthesizers and wild vocals and a rich repertoire of huge hits, taken from his 5 albums resume alongside a wide selection of new and unreleased tracks, that leave their mark on every dance-floor for over a decade, including the tremendous collaboration with MC Fishy on ‘Hit and Run’ and the eternal remix to Infected Mushrooms ‘I Wish.’ Skazi released timeless hits Throughout his 20-years career as Acelera, Power of God, Party don’t stop.

In recent years, the tracks and the Psytrance versions by Skazi show that Psytrance music is taking over the major stages and dancefloors all over the world. From the “B.Y.O.B” remix by Warriors (DJ Duo by Skazi and MR. Black) to “System of a Dawn”, the electronic remix to the Latin hit “Suavemente” in Sony Music Brazil, the Psy remix to “Bella Ciao”, the electronic version of Skazi to 21 pilots – ‘Heathens’ which was a tremendous success on YouTube and big collaborations over the years with Infected Mushroom! Definitely a huge and wide hit list by Skazi all over the globe.

Skazi | taken from

Skazi | taken from

Skazi was chosen by the Israeli minister of culture to produce the soundtrack of the 70th year of the State of Israel. This soundtrack was played on Israel’s 70th Independence Day during all Independence Day parties throughout the country.

Skazi in Action – Israeli independence day

Skazi enters to 2020 with huge exposure, A big collaboration with NERVO twins (the most famous female DJ Duo in the worldwide electronic dance music scene) that was released on Spinnin’ Records with an official video clip, straight after the release at KSHMR’s record label – “Dharma Worldwide” and an upcoming premiere release at “KONTOR” records.

More collaborations with huge international artists are coming in 2020!

SKAZI – Playground

How did your music journey begin? At what age were you when you started having an interest in music? Are there anyone in specific that inspired you to begin making music? If so, who was it, and what was it that inspired you so much?

Skazi | taken from

Skazi | taken from

My musical journey started at a very young age, I knew that I want to make music. My biggest inspiration and what motivated me was my big brother. Since I remember him, he always was with a guitar in his hands and always in a band.

I watched him as a superhero boy. He quickly realized that his little brother was sneaking around and playing with his guitars, and then he decided to give me a guitar as a gift – from that moment my passion with the music took a significant turn.

Every artist experiences challenges throughout their journey, what were your struggles and how did you overcome them?

Challenges are a normal and natural thing for a beginning musician and it only gets more and more complicated as you grow and develop your career. The industry is very competitive, with new competitors that coming every minute, new technologies and plot twists. In my opinion, every challenge I encountered along the way only caused my personal progress both as a person and as a musician. In other words: Anyone who is not prepared for challenges, ups and downs, and in fact one big roller coaster – do not go into it, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

As a trance legend, do you have any advice/tips that could help upcoming DJ’s? Have you noticed any mistakes they are making? If so, are there any personal secrets you would be willing to share?

I can admit and say that over the years I have learned a lot about the world of music and what I have to say to the new generation comes down to some critical and essential points:

Skazi | taken from

Skazi | taken from

1.) Take everything with a smile and try to learn from everything that comes along the way, whether it’s something good or bad.

2.) Appreciate the people around you, teamwork is always more beneficial than being one person. Remember that an army defeats a single soldier.

3.) In a moment of lack of inspiration, instead of forcing it, I prefer to learn some new “daw” (production software) or VST, Sometimes it opens whole worlds and gives great inspiration!

4.) Success relies on human relations, be pleasant.

5.) It is never too late to learn, learn to play different instruments or connect with other musicians, there is always someone to learn from and there is always something to learn.

6.) Give the extra boost to the track that you have finished or worked on. Even if you feel you have finished the track, come back to it after a few days first and find some finishes and improvements you haven’t heard before.

7.) The most important: If the path is not fun then f*ck the goal 🙂

Asher, tell us about your journey. Where did you start and where are you now?

My journey started with punk music. I was a member of a punk band and from there I joined the Army as a musician. Then I was a bit confused musically, I came up with ideas my bandmates didn’t really connect with, so I went on to a solo career and started to learn music production, sound and mix. It should be noted that when I started there was not much knowledge in that subject. I had to learn from trial and error. The equipment was external and expensive: midi keyboards, mixers, FX. It was a very complex world compared to today that it is very accessible!

More collaborations with huge international artists are coming in 2020!

You mentioned changes in your music, what are the changes and in what way?

Over the years, I think I incorporated almost every style of music at first. I combined punk and metal, then classical music. The combination I love to this day is reggae and all the Jamaican vibes. I think that in Psy Trance I was one of the first (pioneers) to record a singer that sang on the track, which is what made a lot of people raise their eyebrows, but in doing so I created a friendlier Psy that brought the music from underground parties to the general audience.

In and out Faded, you can hear the combination of Nervo’s angelic vocal and the Psy energy. This is a combination that was successful even before the production of the track because of the right combination of the people. They are just amazing.

An artist’s ability to have their own distinctive style can be challenging. How do you personally accomplish this?

I think I have an identifiable mark in my music even though sometimes I try to do different things but there will always be a musical signature of the artist.

What set/track in your opinion is the absolute crowd-puller?

I have a track I produced in 2005 that started the Vocal in trance, SKAZI – ‘Hit and Run.’ This track is LIT on the dance floors to this day!

In addition, there is a remix that I made to my brothers in arms: Infected Mushroom, a track called ‘I Wish’ in 2006. These 2 tracks will always be part of my sets, in some new and special versions but they will still be part of it.

What tricks do you have up your sleeve for future releases? Is there anything you are currently working on?

Definitely! We have more music together with NERVO, a Skazi record on KONTOR Records and these are the only things I can share at the moment 😛

Do you have any upcoming events that we can start planning for? 😛

I played last week in Greece and closed 2019 with my annual set in Tokyo. I am currently on my way to my vacation in Thailand however I am still going to play in 2 parties during my stay here. Lots of great events and festivals are coming in 2020 like Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Germany, England, USA, Tomorrowland and many more!

“Stay tuned in SKAZI’s Social Media!”

Out of the studio, what do you get up to?

Actually it’s all about touring and producing in the studio. When I have free time I spend lots of time in the

gym. I am hanging out with friends and combining it with visiting my family as much as I can.

Thank you Skazi for sharing your journey and inspirations!

Skazi – Green Valley Only Drops

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