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The Earth is Flat

There are kooky theories, and then there are theories­­ that appear to have been conjured up by someone wearing crazy-pants, and the flat-earth theory falls under the latter branch of ideas.
For thousands of years humans knew the earth was flat, until the notion was replaced by the idea of a globe…but now in more contemporary times it comes as big surprise that the flat-earth wagon is starting to look pretty crowded.

A portion of the population not only believes in this theory, but they have a whole set of rather ­convincing evidence which makes you hit pause on the flood of skepticism.

The supporters argue that the earth is a flat disc, covered with a thick glass dome preventing us from leaving the planet. The soup gets thicker; the sun and moon are considered to be artificial lights circulating the disc, giving the appearance of night and day.

The lack of footage from NASA depicting a spinning earth, despite the technological advancements of today, is another suspicious point. What’s more, huge ice walls masquerading as Antarctica supposedly bind the edges of the disc. Oddly enough there are no fly zones over this “continent”, and should you go visit, you’re shown only a certain portion of the icescape before being sent off.

Sure, the sanity of flat-earth supporters is questionable, but where there’s smoke there’s bound to be some fire…

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