This is a tribute to Bansi, who sadly died from cancer recently, at 42.

Josef Bansi Quinteros was one of our trance heroes for the last 25 years. As 15 year old teenagers, he and Riktam started GMS, The Growling Mad Scientists, which brought killer special brand new interesting ideas and sounds to our trance world.
And, as we saw, Bansi touched the hearts and lives of 1000s and 1000s of us all over the world… the messages of respect, gratitude, and love were amazing and unending, a wonderful tribute to the special musical legacy he left behind.
In 1999, Bansi, Raja Ram, Riktam, and I started 1200 Micrograms, and Bansi’s input was very important in helping create another unique trance sound, and which was also another way Bunny touched people’s lives in deep ways.
Not to mention all of Bansi and Riktam’s many other bands/projects (Riktam and Bansi, Soundaholics, Growling Machines, etc, etc), “Bunny” was a key in all of them. He was also multi-talented… he taught me many things, of all different types, over our 20+ years together. And he was top-5 In the world at World Of Warcraft, I was fascinated watching him strategizing, and working double-handed the mouse and the game, super impressive! Just one of his very many talents.
Bansi changed our trance world, enhanced our lives, was an integral part of all of our “Soundtracks Of Our Lives”, thru all these years.

He is missed…but he remains with us in spirit, we like to believe he is looking down on us from above, from the next dimension… and smiling!

We all send you our Love, Bansi…

Chicago-1200 MICs

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