Beats and waves in Hungary

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There is a small, but beautiful place in Central Europe called Hungary,
which has a thriving psy trance scene.
The O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, one of the biggest, most well-known psychedelic
festivals in the world, is held in this country.
It started as a small party, where the attendants shared a family-like
experience, but in the past years ticket sales boomed and it has become
a must-see event for party people.
Every genre of psychedelic music is represented on the stages, ranging
from psychill to high tech and it has a huge influence on the
psychedelic partying and psy music of Hungary.
Along with O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, some other internationally well-known
festivals take place in Hungary like Spirit Base and S.U.N. Festival,
just to name a few.
Other than these, some smaller outdoor festivals and parties have seen a
rise in attendance lately, for example 449 Festival and Inner Waves
Festival, which brings the best killer, dark psy and chill DJs from
Hungary together for a 3-day-long outdoor event.

In the last few years, many organizers started making parties in-and
outdoors. One of them is the Y-East team, who make mostly progressive
and full-on parties in clubs and under the open sky, which made them
famous among clubbers and festival-goers as well. Another crew called
Psybaba is maybe the oldest team in Hungary, who have been organizing
classic psy trance parties for more than 10 years and have also invited
some prestigious dark psy DJs from all over the world in the past years.
Those who love dark psy music visit the parties of newcomers Dark Angels
crew and the T.O.T.E.M. team in growing numbers.

To sum it up, Hungary is one of the best places for a psy party in
Europe, because the crowd is massive, up-to-date and energetic and these
people can choose from a large scale of parties and festivals all year.

Come and try out what Hungary can offer to you this summer, because it
will be a life-changing, life-long experience you’ll never forget.