Italians..Keep It Up!!

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Great stuff coming from Italy at the moment, after some years of oblivion the culture is finally waking up again and showing off internationally with great artists, serious party organizers and , of course, amazing locations.
Starting with Black Moon Festival 2014 that will take place near Ancona in the now historical place where the old school Goa Spirit Tribe use to make their amazing parties and where now Govinda, Michael, Mara Believe and the rest of the crue are organizing this spectacular meeting in August just a few days after Boom, and after that a new festival is planned to be amazing as well, is called Human Evolution and will also guest top artists from around the world and , and not to forget Sonica Festival that have found an amazing location near Avellino, so really, there is no chance to get bored in Italy this summer..
Talking about artists i must mention some great friends that are now really making me proud, i’m talking about my little brother Scotty Parasect that is now blooming and spreading his “sexy forest” sound all around the world, my big maestro Arjuna that soon will be in the history books (ehehehe) and the big Giuseppe that didn’t just create Parvati Records which is one of the best dark/forest labels in the world, he also created a culture in the culture and in a wonderful and chilled way, he is in fact famous for his great smile and vibe;), and also of course i have to mention the great Coma Sector team and Hypogeo, Dust, Phase, Dharma, Witch Freak and many more that are now known superstars.
Some solid work comes from the North of Italy, Looney Moon is just expanding like crazy with decorations, music, artists,collaborations..i’ve just spent a few days with Roby Looney Moon and he couldn’t stop talking about all the amazing ideas they have and they are realizing internationally, they are also helping in the organization of Modem Festival in Croatia and still organizing regularly top production parties in Turin. Also i want to mention my Venetian friends Dream Project Records that are making some lovely parties all around the north area and also producing some killer music at the moment.
Some great news about the visual arts come also from Venice where the Delta Process team creates some incredible stage mappings and they go from festival to festival doing some serious work.
Good news from the capital city as well, Rome is also fermenting with parties and new music thanks to the good work of Vero Free Spirit that really has put a lot of effort and energy organizing great mixed parties, calling always amazing guests and opening the trance culture to a much bigger underground culture.
So yeah great stuff, very happy about how the Italian situation is evolving, i personally live in London but i never forget my roots…so.. Italians: Keep It Up!!!!
Psykia <3