Every year the mushroom releases the “Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy” giving you the chance to highlight the distinct flavour of the scene in your region.

A country’s Psy-scene invariably has its own unique set of signature elements that defines the mode of artistic expression, as well as the nature of the festivals. Globally there’s been a definite rise of the ‘old school’ sounds, it’s clear that the tastes of the trancers are shifting, drifting back towards the root-notes of Psytrance, and leaning in favour of the archetypal retro and Goa sounds. This comes as positive news, for there have been tonnes of talk bemoaning the dilution of the classic ‘trance-magic’ in some of the scene’s more contemporary music. However, whether retrodelic or new-age, since this is a rather personal choice, the point of significance is that the popularity of Psytrance is flying high.

The next edition of the Guide will be out in early Spring 2015, to ensure that your country’s psy-culture is included, submit a report at the mushroom website: Here’s a sneak peak at a few countries:

Israel Recalls Retro and Goa

doof-festival-israelThe Israeli scene is still going strong and you can find a party somewhere around the country almost every day except for sundays. But the winds of change are felt both music and event wise, as in the last year Goa, retro and even the infamous ‚Nitzhonot‘ genre took a steady rise. Ironically as the younger generation starts visiting the parties, their taste goes further and further back in time. Underground parties, while rare, still exist, but big raves from teams such as Groove attack, Moksha, Unity, Doof & Paganka dominate the weekends, with thousands of followers. In the end of the day Psytrance is still the leading sound of electronic music in Israel, and an international trance traveller will not be disappointed while looking for a local party.

Yoni Oshrat/Ace Ventura

Brazilian Summers:Nature and Psychedelic Trance

brazil-festival-Universo-ParalleloBrazil is the place where you can listen to good music and be in touch with nature at the same time! We have beautiful beaches, waterfalls and rivers. Universo Paralello is the best time to be here, since it’s one of Brazil’s biggest festivals which takes place once every two years! You will find a beautiful beach in Bahia, a lot of different people and culture, and a variety of music styles: Psychedelic Trance, Goa Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive Dark Trance, Dark Psychedelic Trance, Chill Out, Reggae Music, etc. It’s one amazing experience that all true psychedelic lovers should have! Another festival that occurs once in two years is Terra em Transe, at Bahia. The main music style is Goa Trance and Psychedelic Trance. Bahia is the best place at this time! Carnaval is another great time to be here. The best-known festival at this time is Soulvision Festival, in São Paulo. Brazil is like a forever endless summer. Besides great festivals the entire year, we have great producers that are playing at the best festivals and making music with the great producers worldwide. We are living a good moment in the Psychedelic Trance scene!
Marina Tavares ( Writer of Psytrance labels, websites and magazines)

A particular Psy-spirit in India

psy-spirit-indiaToday Goa is a little different from what it used to be, more commercial but still really nice. Hill Top has been there for years . Goa is party life, you’ll find trance parties everywhere, almost every day. A lot of international artists go to play in beautiful Goa, there is a special magic in the air, and a strong energy. Besides Goa, these days trance parties and festivals take place all over India, cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune host great parties. The festivals in the Himalaya mountains are not to be missed. The Dream Bubble 3.0 is coming up in November at Westend Goa in Nov 2014, then there’s Psykovsky in Mumbai in November. Indian people are really psychedelic in their minds, and with regards to the trance scene India is a very open country.
Karine Petiau/Twisted Kala (Music Producer)

The Magic of Italy

sonica-festival-italyWhen Sonica Festival took place for the first time in 2005 on Bolsena Lake, the Italian Psytrance movement was still in its early stages. The old Italian trancers were mostly travelling abroad and attending psychedelic events in other countries or continents, but the Sonica Festival became a landmark for the trance culture in Italy, giving birth to several other festivals. The Human Evolution Festival Festival in Tuscany region and Black Moon in Marche region, are now trying to reach an international audience, involving artists from the main international scene and creating now a strong competition within the national borders. As of now the Italian Psytrance movement appears to be well-established.
Gino Sonica (Founder and producer of SONICA FESTIVAL)

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