An Interview with Werner Vana van Jaarsveld aka Rinkadink:

What DAW do you use to produce music? What is your favourite hardware/software?

I use Ableton Live, I love Traktor- both apps have been developed by very talent and dedicated people for many years and it a pleasure to use them.

What’s your favourite controller/equipment for Live Acts?

I think pioneer makes excellent equipment, i have a deep and spiritual bond with the djm 900 and djm 2000, i love the native instruments hardware, its got my back and wont let me down.

Any tips for the creation of a Phat Bass/Kick Line?

Not really, i been making music for years and i´m still trying to get it perfect.

What is the best way to kill the Fuzz-Monster?

Monster fuzz? Sounds good, maybe put some of that on the bassline…

Few words of advice for Beginners of Music Production.

Try not to get hung up on one track for month on end, I know its hard to call the track finished because you´ll be constantly learning new things and going back and endlessly tweaking. I think its more constructive to get the track to a point and then start a new one, you´ll progress quicker.

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