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Brazil is a country featuring a great mix of people and cultures; the rhythms from Africa, the mysticism of indigenous people, and the diversity of European immigrants. Added to this, our climate and natural beauties make the perfect setting for psytrance events.


In the past, the line up of the parties were focused on full-on morning psytrance, now all variants are accepted. The year 2015 seems to be a divider. An opposition is growing towards  commercial events, the focus is on human relations. Parties and festivals are concerned with the purity, simplicity, richness of details, the intention and the love with which it is all done, the relationship between humans and nature. Starting from Southern Brazil, the Revolution, the Blue Earth, Psicodália, the antakarana and Kundaline are important. Among the DJs representing the South region these stand out; Rodrigo CPU, Vegas, Kadum and Element
(which also has a project in partnership with Rinkadink).


In Southeast, São Paulo remains the place with the highest concentration of parties and festivals. Every weekend, there are events to suit different tastes; the most traditional big parties are the Tribe, and the XXXperience, which is close to completing 20 years,  and to celebrate this, they have created the XXX Trilogy: a the set of three special editions, the first edition held in 2014, titled “Valley of the Dragons”, the second one in 2015 will be, “The Portal of Desires” and the third party will be held next year.

In the city we have parties with high underground bpms as Subcatru, Celebratiohn and more commercial parties such as Euphoria. Cariocas producers emanating good hits to the dancefloors, are Misticin, Analog Drink, Kriffer, Photophobia, Synthetic Blood, Revolt, representing Rio in festivals around Brazil. Leaving the capital, in Uberlândia, Samsara remains as one of the most traditional festivals in the country, the Samadhi Parvati crew performs the Pulse Festival and welcomes the Xyryry Kuaray, The Day Out Of Time. In addition to the festivals, in some cities mega parties like the Nomad and Mandalah take place. There are many projects that represent the state; the most commercial sounds are from Capital Monkey and 4i20, the more progressive sounds come from Vitor Falabella and Max Grillo. The live acts of Xpiral, Tijah, Traxon , Minimal Criminal and Whiptongue are also worth mentioning.


In Bahia, the Soononmoon Subliminal Organism is a hypermedia mutant hive beaming out respect, alien technology and orange vibrations. In business since 1997, its main materialisation is the Aurora, a unique and very reputable party, they are also responsible for Terra em Transe New Year Festival. Dj Demetron commands the Visiohn Nature, and the Amestardan club. Some DJs that move the psychedelic scene in Bahia are Cigarra, Karielle, Carmezin, Bone, Divinori, Nazca, Phalcohm, Xcamas, Olati and Demectron. The Vj Gabiru commands projections, and we cannot forget Pablo Arruti, spreading colors and smiles with his póZin in several festivals in the country. Since last year Maceió is gaining more followers. In addition to Mindfreak and Ecoar raves, this beautiful city capital of Alagoas, hosted the party of the 303 stage of the Universe Paralello.

The state of Pernambuco, is another region  propelling  the expansion of scence. The Liquid Sky is the largest and most traditional of all parties of Recife, with over 11 years of history and at least one annual edition. Other notable festivals are, EcoTribe, FreeTrance and Kosmos. The events for the more underground public are Boikot and Shamballa, both  of which are nationally recognized. Dream Vision is also a great event, bringing big names in national and international Psytrance. When talking about Pernambuco, it’s impossible not to remember the veterans Dj  Pateta, also Vorax and Bhargo, and the live-acts Woodstech and Polen.


In the state of Paraíba, the quality of psytrance is associated with the Element Trance crew, from the City of Campina Grande. The largest names are Frenetic, Ancient Alien, Buckle and also Muribi, Madjey and Specktro. Rennan Felizardo (aka E-Mind) and Slowyck are young prospects that are conquering the audience with their presentations. In Rio Grande do Norte, although it not the first pystrance event in the state, the Organic is more traditional in activity. The Psicodelia finds its greatest exponent in Amonati parties in Natal, and Ecodreams in Mossoró. Other parties of more commercial nature are Ecoh Sound, Bug Open Air and Loathing. It’s interesting to highlight the Calangos Nightclub, located on the paradisiac beach of Pipa, where great names have played. The most prominent Djs of Rio Grande do Norte are Victor Brandão and Sady Luiz. Ceará is the home of select artists psytrance; Nu-act, Shekinah, Earthspace, Twoface. Plus a number of excellent Djs; Lucas SD, the gringos Luca and Pj Yugar, Animal Jr, Peckman (also a good vj), Engine, Perfect Specimen and Pedro Freire. Other prominent events are the MUV, Ziohm, the Union, Orbital and Element.

Leaving the coast to the central highlands, we are attracted to the mystical Chapada dos Veadeiros in Goiás, where the Kranti festival takes place. It is a festival that emanates a lot of positive energy. It is advisable to extend the stay in the area to visit some of the beautiful waterfalls where you can watch the flight of macaws and toucans. In the capital of the country, the most commercial parties are represented by psycotrance. In urban scene the 5uinto club, provides memorable performances. But perhaps the great merit of Brasilia is that it is the headquarters of the Vagalume Records, the crew responsible for implementing the Universe Paralello in the beaches of Bahia, which is the largest and most representative festival of the country. In a new stage of evolution, now the UP goes beyond the limits of space and time of the event with three itinerant parties that run through major cities of the country: the Vagalume party, 303 stage and the Upclub. The coordination of this itinerant parties is up to Dj Chicodelico and the artistic part to Dj Bhaskar, but always with the support of the structure and cast of Vagalume: swarup, ekanta, second, maze, twenty eight, nevermind, earthspace, logic, the first stone , altruism, burn in noise, Pedrão, shaman, chicodelico.

In the north, in the Amazon rainforest, the Jacunda receives the vibrations of the jungle for the New Year. In the Midwest, in Alto Paraíso the new New Year’s Eve was with the good vibrations of Chapada dos Veadeiros . In the northeast, the Terra em Transe Festival  takes place in an idyllic spot on the island of Garcez, a mystical scenery ideal for manifestations of the transcendental, ancient spirit that mix dance, music & nature. The soundtrack is psychoactive electronic music manifested in electromagnetic pulses of hallucinating frequencies. Brazil is a big country and it’s almost impossible to talk about everything, so we wish that psychedelic vibrations continue germinating in Brazilian territory, attracting freaks, roots, and even ordinary people, galactic warriors of peace from the most diverse corners of the world! Remembering that we are not just part of the universe, but rather that the universe is in us and perhaps that is what makes us feel in full connection, after all, “We are made of stardust.”

Author:Benjamimvich schuster


PJ Rodriguez, Victor Brandao, Marco element, Fernanda Micky, Celina Cerqueira


Arnaldo Dantas, Benjamimvich, Camilla Albano, Fernanda Micky, Lucas Chaves, Murilo Ganesh, Rogrigo Gomes, Pratima

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