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Segments of science have validated that the fundamental nature of the universe is a vibrational field permeating everything. If you were to translate that into the language of the spirit, it could be simply put as everything is you.
by Arkamena

This idea has been floating around through the channels of human consciousness for eons, the words change but the ethos remains the same. The following is a method that outlines a possible means of inducing an inter-dimensional shift. Abandon fear, all that you encounter on your voyages will be permutations of your own psyche. Any beings you come into contact with, either they be polarized into black or white, they are merely reflections of the self.

There are said to be higher and lower dimensional planes existing about an arms distance away from your corporeal self. The higher dimensions existing 90 degrees to the right and below you, whereas the lower dimensional planes exist to the left and above you. Initiate the process by meditating; then focus on moving in the direction you wish to go. To get back to the start, simply recall the location wherein you started. If you aren’t ready refrain from venturing into lower realms, however, if you do happen to encounter any demonic entities greet them with love, and they should dissolve.
Good luck!

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