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WAIO – 002

28 years old Brazilian DJ and producer WAIO in the interview with mushroom magazine including video interview

Photographic Art by Murilo Ganesh

Murilo Ganesh from Brazil is one of the most prominent photographers of the Psytrance community and also a Chillout DJ.


Psytrance in Brazil:  We are not just part of the universe, but rather the universe is in us!

Brazil is a country featuring a great mix of people and cultures; the rhythms from Africa, the mysticism of indigenous people, and the diversity of European immigrants. Added to this, our climate and natural beauties make the perfect setting for […]


Come to visit one of the Best psytrance scenes in the World

The Brazilian scene was once the biggest trance scene in the world, it has a large number of parties and festival from north to south all over the year. famous by its biggest festival at the beaches of Bahia, but […]

Psytrance scene in Brazil

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions where you can expect to find many kinds of psychedelic parties. It offers many possibilities for the party organisers to properly host their events: beaches, waterfalls, lakes and forests. Mother nature is everywhere […]

Winds of change in the BRAZILIAN Psytrance scene

Brazil is nowadays one of the countries where trance music is most listened. Mixing different races and all kinds of crowd, Brazil is the biggest epicenter of trance earthquake which shakes the planet. Its worth to visit it! Since the […]

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