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Dr.Goa is back and answers your questions which you always wanted to ask, but never dared to ask. If you have a question to Dr. Goa, then simply write to:

Dear Dr. Goa…,

My question: What the hell is “Psy Prog” or “Psygressive” supposed to be? These new genre names are now used for a style of music that sounds totally like Full On some years ago. And: Isn’t Psy and Prog a contradiction?

Around 15 years ago Psychedelic Trance and Progressive Trance had a really nasty fight, because Progressive had a hot and juicy affair with House and Techno, and Psy was still doing it with Albert. So they split up and went separate ways. However, that didn’t lead nowhere and got quite boring after some years. So they found back together. And voilá: Here’s Psy Prog! That’s why it’s actually no surprise that this genre sounds like an old couple.

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