Cultiva 2013The Cultiva is more than a fair, it’s a congress, workshop, and also party.

It’s probably no coincidence that the pictured hemp leaves on all have seven leaflets because this will already be the 7th edition of the international hemp fair! Today when not only the Austrian hemp industry is booming the CULTIVA will run between 17-19 October 2014 on the impressing stage of the event pyramid Vösendorf near Vienna.

A networking platform to the hemp sector is what the Cultiva wants to be. And more than 100 companies from Austria and all over the world exhibiting remarkable products all made from hemp like healthy oil, textiles and cosmetics, drums and even sun glasses enriched with lots of developments in the field of cannabis as medicine rise to the tune.
Cultiva 2013Plus the congress comes with star-studded cast. Experts, entrepreneurs and journalists will exchange views and news about the latest hemp products and recent developments of the international hemp scene. Among others you can meet the renowned Canadian campaigner Marc Emery, who has just been released after 5 years of prison! Also speaking will be the authors Ed Rosenthal, Christian Rätsch, Matthias Bröckers, and Dr. Kurt Blaas. Donisha Prendergast, the granddaughter of reggae-legend Bob Marley will speak about preservation of the distinguished rasta-commune „Pinnacle“.
Cultiva 2013Music is an essential part of the Cultiva again. On Saturday the event pyramid’s wellness area will turn into the location of the Cultiva pool party, and the traditional Cultiva-fire will be lighted within the inner yard in the evening. Top-Djs like Scheibosan, MD Groove as well as the „Radio Superfly Dj-Collective“ with Jürgen Drimal and Shantisan will provide for a great vibe. While on the stage world famous reggae-musicians Uwe Banton as well as the Cultiva-Allstars will perform.

Cultiva 2013Apart from that, there will be a hemp cooking show too, true to the fact: High is but the nutritional value! Because as you may know, hemp seeds and hemp oil are definitely a highlight in terms of nutrition. The cause for this is the high amount of unsaturated fatty acid (Omega 3&6) and essential amino acids. During the hemp cooking show, presented by star cook Friedrich Pinteritsch guests will experience live just how varied hemp can be used in the kitchen.

Last but not least the enormous ecological potential of the power plant in the global fight against climate change shall be the fair’s focus.

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