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You should definitely put Romania on your summer agenda:
wild locations, friendly people, live traditions, good food and cheap prices.


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Romania’s Psytrance scene evolved a lot in its 12 years of festival history,
choosing to create unique events based less on commerce and more on experiencing the “BOOM!” that we’re all seeking at festivals, in a unique Carpathian landscape.

The last 2 years

The scene got bigger and more focused. While before there was a common public for all parties, now the parties have specific directions and styles which, in the end, make people choose what they like best.

Romania trancers guide

romania festival logos trancers guide

The main events

In size, the biggest festival is Waha at its 5th edition, having 4 music stages and a jam. The Psy Stage has many interesting artists, Astral Projection, Psykovsky, Etnoscope, Shane Gobi, Krumelur, Procs, joining the locals Atma and E-Mantra, plus many more, covering most of the psychedelic spectrum. The festival has also an impressive Deep Stage featuring great techno acts like Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu. An emerging young festival is Transylvaliens which is focused more on Oldschool sound, having a nice recent evolution. Other smaller festivals are Solar Seeds in Transylvania and Sons of Gaia. Transylvania Calling seems to have some difficulties this year, better check the info.

The community

Community is mostly made of young people, open and pure, less drugs more vibe, which makes the Romanian party experience­ unique in today’s scene.

Nature & weather

Romania has amazing nature, the last virgin forest of Southern Europe, large wild mountain areas with few roads or highways. Camping is allowed everywhere. Weather is changing fast in the high mountains but basically the weather is friendly, warm to very hot in the summer.

Points of interest

  • Medieval castles (Bran, Hunedoara)
  • medieval cities (Sighisoara, Sibiu)
  • Retezat & Piatra Craiului Mountains
  • Bucharest’s parties
  • Danube Delta’s wildlife
  • Black Sea Coast

DOs & DON’Ts

  • At airports & train stations: Be careful with the taxi drivers.
  • Don’t change money on the street, check the commission.
  • Be respectful but not stupid, generous but not with everybody.
  • Don’t get drunk with gypsies.
  • Try not to smoke joints in public places.
Text by Tudor Chiliman
This article appeared first in our printed edition.

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