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Obwohl sein Name als Anspielung verstanden werden könnte, steht Dark Nebula ganz und gar nicht für Dark. Vielmehr hat der australische Produzent einen deliziös-psychedelischen Stil entwickelt, den er selbst als „heftige Tages-Mucke“ beschreibt. Und die ist deshalb so einzigartig, weil er von Anfang an bemüht war, originelle Sounds zu verwenden – z.B. hat er Schweiß-Geräusche und Paketband gesampelt. Das bereits zehnte Dark Nebula Album, Thrill Pill, war zum Zeitpunkt unseres Interviews auf Platz 14 der Juno Charts – wohlgemerkt 7 Monate nach dessen Veröffentlichung!

dark nebula logoWe step inside the lab with Australia’s Dark Nebula, still merging magic and technology with his tenth album: “Thrill Pill”.

From then to now your music has been so unique and distinctive, how did you find your sound?
Back then, I was bound by technical limitations which I pushed to the edge of what I had: bits of hardware bought 2nd hand and strung together in sequence, recording my own sounds – from welding pipes to stretching packing tape – crunched, reversed, pitched. It was experimental, and became implemental – the crucible of the Dark Nebula sound.

Dark Nebula became the name that spawned Dark Trance, yet the irony is that your sound is not Dark Trance. How did you choose your name?
The name was a salute to an Australian comic superhero, Dark Nebula. He had a dark side, but always saved the day. I would class my music as “deep psy” – it’s not dark trance.

At the time of this interview, your latest album “Thrill Pill” is still #14 on the Juno chart – 7 months after its release – that’s quite an achievement. How was Thrill Pill ­created?
Just like the Dark Nebula early days, every track is built from the ground up. I don’t recycle sounds and I really try to enrich and layer each story. It takes a long time; there is no quick path. Thrill Pill has been tried and tested live in South America, Europe and Australia this year. You get a strong feel from the dancefloor when the tracks take the dancers to the places they want to go.

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