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Pearls & Pixies Trilogy

Parvati Records fulfills the strict release schedule kept for years with the third part of the Pearls & Pixies series, making it to a Trilogy – completed in corporation with Japanese label Phreex Network. Giuseppe and Ken were responsible for the five tracks of each label rooster that will spangle the line up on the upcoming compilation, with names on it not released before on both. Claw from Cyprus as well as Xabbu from Germany can be found on it. They were no newcomers, however never yet had found place on Parvati or Phreex before. Nolm or Quip Tone Beatz, two participations from the Phreex Network rooster also placed tracks for the first time in the list. Release date will be the Cosmo Festival in UK, where it can be purchased for the first time worldwide before you can order on the labels webpages. Pearls & Pixies Part.III

Forest and Pain Tales
Chronicle of Mystery Records is proud to present the second compilation inspired by the freaks of the forest psychedelic history. Labelheads Hana Cheljo (Nirmanakayas) and Darko Petreski (Schoiroideairis) from Macedonia, whose goals are to present the insane creative minds, that are not highly accepted by the global audience, but who are recognizable with their deep psychedelic forest sound – that’s what it is about, the music! The first compilation ‘The Pain of the Forgotten Forest‘, from last year was divining what to expect and so is the recent output called ‘The Oldest Story’, promising a very well put together ride. Very wellknown artists like Battle of the Future Buddhas, Ka-sol, Bloomen, Makadam or the Trashlords are long time playing in the circuit and placed inbetween a few newcomers, spinning this old tale together. Something to thrill!

Drury Nevil’s comeback
After a long break of making music for personal reasons, the world of psychedelic music luckily has him back. Denis, born close to the ancient Greek Temple of Apollo, the god of music and beauty, (his inspiration drawn from the artist known as Drury Nevil for the darker part, as well as Safi Dafi for lighter stuff), found his way back to create more psychedelic treasures. He will be releasing tracks with both projects again as well as appearing on the one or another festivals. This is proper news and welcome back old friend!

New Label from Pune – India
Vantara Vichitra is founded by Cacofonix and Alien Trancesistor from Pune / India and the just released CD „Schismatic Transposition‘ is their debut compilation. Some of the leading artists for the real psychedelics to be found on it as Captain Kirk, Fuzulu, Kerlivin or Full Face and making this release worth getting your hands on. Not getting tired, these two guys have already the next installment scheduled for end of this year. Seems to be great new base for psychedelic underground music!

Mind Expansion Rec. – Enichkin Album
The fourth in succession album by Sergey Nazarenko also known as Enichkin, sound engineer from Russia, is called „Krakoziabry “Krakoziabry”.„ is often caused when layered intelligence forming energy is moved to a system with a different default encoding. Different encoding is a fundamental trick, which is used to confuse the fact that we are ONE.’ This album provides a very specific complex patterns of tribal elements and cutting edge sound design.
A nice journey brought by Mind Expansion Records.

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