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Parvati records logo psychedelic black and white red feet

Parvati Records – Totally Into It

Some interesting information about the long-standing label Parvati Records and their artists Giuseppe, Ilse, Onkel Dunkel and Mussy Moody

Producers-a-plenty in DENMARK

Despite being home to less than 6 million people, Denmark has been in the forefront of the psychedelic trance scene since the early days with artists like The Overlords and Koxbox.


Flowjob: 10000 smiles away

Flowjob’s “10000 smiles away” will be out in February on legendary Iboga records.

The missing story about the Danish Psychedelic Culture

When you first hear about the small country in the north called Denmark, you often think about Copenhagen an the island that it is located on, but there is so much more to this land we live in up here, …

Denmark – a colorful and growing scene in the north.

The Danish scene has developed a lot the last couple of years. Denmark has always had a big amount of producers and within the last years, the amount of new trance producers has exploded. This has also resulted in new …