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When you first hear about the small country in the north called Denmark, you often think about Copenhagen an the island that it is located on, but there is so much more to this land we live in up here, there is also the main land Jutland.

The Psychedelic culture has spread to the whole country these days, from the city blocks to the villages, in every age group you see and hear the people talking and sharing Psy Trance Music, from the favorite artists on, this has been happening for quite some time but has escalated with high speed on the music front online nation wide..

What is Danish Psychedelics? It is togetherness, it is the people feeling the same, having the passion for the music and being joyful in the liquid art of light, it is the mixture of Pleasure, Peace, acceptance, and believing in a happy place across differences..

New times in the North, here we are seeing changes in the population establishments and the networks inbetween police trusts, the public understandings, also in the new generations and it makes us the heartfelt trancer and organizer to turn and look back at the basic values in the psychedelic community, with the mission to open up for the knowledge and through respect, spreading out the word to the people who hasen’t seen the bigger picture on what we, The Man and Female Psy lover stands for, it’s no secret that the Psy Society is known for being populated with drugs, but so are the rest of the club life all over the world, and with this contrast,  we are now having healthy dialogs with the community and chief of police, giving the Psychedelic the chance to flourish and become the great common place for gatherings.

It is a new era in the Psychedelic way of our lives, these days we are along side the word of our free spirit society in trance being  challenge by the youth coming form the club life scene, with there nightclub styles from the streets and with there missing points of what this culture is really about,  not intentionally overshadowing the more spiritual trancer who is diving into the trance music with heart mind and soul, we are all humans and more than just some smoked high hippys with grass in our ears, we are real people with passion for the psychedelic sound lights and companionships that follows with, and this knowledge of the human awareness are now put out to all others, national in groups online as free way information.

The word is out and now it just have to sink in, at some pointe we all need to adjust  in the Music culture, but adjusting Peace Love Unity and Respect is not one of them.. this is our bassline our soul rytme, where the passion and fellowship grows from, so like everything else, it is in the youth there needs to be fully aware of the basic lines of the human values and cultural understanding with in the musical psy society..

The Country with to cultural understandings:

Denmark has been known some time for the puffed up tattooed men with the female sex symbols by the side moving through the crowds like nothing can stop them and yes they are still here, but in a minor group mostly out at the psychedelic partys on the island, where we in Jutland are more green sighted with space for all types of trancers with smile warm and good energys in the personal atmosphere and this is values we treasure highly and enjoy sharing with others in the same kind of Trance – we call it: give and give back

As time goes by and the culture grows bigger and bigger, there were no doubt that the next thing would set it’s mark on the danish map, the sensationnel boom was delivered by Elements with Zorg industries last year in Copenhagen, and afterwards the Psychedelic Scene would Clearly not be the same again.

To follow up on the colorful succes, by the Elements team, we know in every corner of the country East or South that it was time to evolve to the next stage of the partys, to keep up with the quality and high expectations nation wide, but as it seems around the Psychedelic scene, there is NO need for bigger establishments or crowds with 2000 visitors constantly to still deliver a high quality experince, because we got something else here in Jutland, we got small cozy hotspots with their charm on there own, in differend placeses located in the second capital of Denmark in Aarhus the city of smiles, where the night time in the weekends are flowing with liquid colors and happy people dancing to the psy groove playing in every pace, giving the people that desired feel of freedom from the every day lifes.

We are living in a small country compared to others but it makes no difference, because we are with the size of our society not that big, so from a Danish pointe of view, we can be proud of what we have accomplished since the early days were Psy Trance was coming together as a musical art in act. We know the level is set high, when we look to our Big Brother In Psy Germany, We are not there yet, but we getting near, with new idealists and a plate full of talent, we are making the scene in Jutland a place worth visting. Things take time, Rome was not built on one day.

We have stirred up in all layers on the Psy scene and all around it, in our little country and we are now having new concepts from some of the most known people in the Jutland psy society, these days with Michell Reich/Dj Woos Protoned with 9 years behind him as Party developer, an he has been playing as a Dj for 10 year on the decks all over the country, but he first got his internationel break at Indian Spirit 2014,  Billy Woo/Billy Woo Presents V58 is a new concept from September 2014, Klaus Mikkelsen/Luxudelic with his 8 years of managing the Luxudelic experience and Morten Nonstop/Dj and free spirit architect /U.i.d.f. These Guys a standing for the developing of the main scenes with the initiative and creative thinking in process, so they can give us all the best Psychedelic Trip as possible, and these partys are coming in every shape sizes and styles.

We now got Open air gatherings assembled by Dj and idealist Morten Nonstop and friends from the local community in Aarhus.. These gatherings are called: Out in the free (U.i.d.f) and has quickly become popular in the summer season because of its free spirit drive behind the concept with Dj’s from all over the country coming  together, playing together collaborating the mixing styles of Progressive Psytrance Full on and Dark, just to share the happy connections within the music and hopefully sharing a fantastic moment with all the visitors in the forest and on the fields, the best thing of it all is that, these open airs are being hosted at the most beautiful and calm sightings along the coastline of Aarhus and it is Non profit, here you get fellowship music and joyful sunrises put together in one, it truely gives and incredible free feel in the nature on Jutland Ground.

Morten Nonstop is also the man behind the Dark project Underground, where the groove is hard fast and heavy when the music blasts away, with forest and dark psy from the twisted minds  like artists: Djane Q’allit known for several plays around in europe and the new Boys on the internationel playing field Marc Maniac aka Gollu with his partner in crazyness Mads Filt who got there Big break as the Boogy Clowns at Psychedelic circus last year, even in the Underground the are Booming and Blasting great experiences out in interesting forms with in the dark Party themes, here is also many alternativ ways of creating place and space for every kind of trancer, here you offen see the happy hippy kind of people who enjoys the same free way thinking combined with a trembling sound in the underground, a place to be if you like the Harder and faster Psy Styles.

Above ground we find Billy Woo with his many ideas, and wide eye sight, when it comes to set up the party scene for the fellow psy lover, with his new concept Billy Presents, he made a small quite place called V58 into the new three tunnelt psychedelic trance cave with settings of both local new coming Dj’s as Provision, Rolfikka an Qze stirring it up with national Djs as Smurf Multiphase and GaiaZentrix putting it into the mix with internationals like  Bubblé  Elfo and Nitro & Glycerin, and much more, thats just the tip of the iceberg.

V58 is a place where you get your ears eyes and emotions rolled around in a fantastic pleasure listing and dancing to Progressice Psytrance and Full on, this is the loaded scene were there are playing every caliber of psy music, here you really get the rumbling feel and the inlightning joy of just being amongst the people coming to this place with the same interrest as you.

Luxedelic by the man Klaus Mikkelsen is also in process of keeping psy trance in Jutland on its new standards with concepts of good quality line-ups put together with he’s global contacts, he is a man who has spent the last 8 years building up the luxudelic experience and with international artists of all kinds, been delivering partys with hot names on the wide Psy stage as Tezla Durs Outsiders  Twilight and so on, then combning them with a few known national Djs as Beatfreak&Molecule, when the line-up has been closed with an extended help form the peoples opinion, based on what is hot in the moment,  with much consideration.

He then a long  side the location projects  arrives with some of the foreign Deko teams form the great scenes at the big festivals such as Indian Spirit og Psychedelic Circus an so on, to deliver the best eye candy as possible which gives an highly effective  and beautiful party atmosphere, These Luxudelic partys has been placed as hot spot partys for the trancers who enjoys the Psy Trance mostly with a vivid sound to the crowd.

Michell Reich/Dj Woos Protoned is Mister What do we get next time, and there is quistons enough to ask, this man has the bag pack full of knowledge and drive to evolve an amaze the most people on and beyond the Psychedelic Trance scene with an ocean of flyers form Partys he has held of all kinds and sizes, with a whole decade behind him with knowledge of Psy Trance, he could surprize anytime anywhere, we will never no what to expect.

He was the man who was going to put Jutland back on the map, and he did with Joel Rowdy, they together created project Utopia,  where the highly experted evolution of our danish psychedelic trance scene toke place. with a star line-up, Phaxe-Hatikwa-Fabio and Moon-Waio -Digicult on location and deko teams, all in place, they Really toke the party and lifted the danish scene to a new level not seen in Jutland before, with liquid light delivered with 3D visuels by 2deko from Poland and art work in strings by local DPI and company (DK) with settings the gave a spacey feel and a great psy look into a future dimension  – Truely Psychedelic In the Making.

These days everybody wants to be a dj and throw great partys, this is words we all have heard at some pointe since the early 90’s where trance quickly toke pace in peoples musical interrest. That were the days where money and passion were to differend things, that has change drastically over the last few years, and now the culture has blasted the scales on all fronts, we are now slowly accepting some of the adjustments, it is a new age with new times in 2015 Psychedelic’s and it has become big buisness, We now got new Players in the Psychedelic show, the concept is named Pandora and they have in record time marked the stand on the scene with the first play date the 4.july 2014 and since bursted out with partys on a role with Dj’s form the top hot lists of the international festivals scene, setting up stages with champagne and red carpets,  which is a true pleasure for the carnivalists youth in our culture, Denmark has evolved in every place, even the light Uv makeup has been upgraded to a full on carnaval suit of the personal choice, now we offen see crocodiles cows fairys and indians and much more of these creative ideas out on the Party floors, which gives the Psychedelic scene a curious an new perspective.

Pandora has definitely expanded the every day concept for the people that were used to go clubbing at there local saturday night party place, by giving the hyper intensity of our Psy trance culture to the public , so here you mostly got all the younger generations who has replaced the nightclubs with the Psychedelic events, making a new brand i would called: Psychedelic Pop Art Culture, so if you are to the young and vibrant theme, this is where to go. There is something for all, Proggressive, Full on, Psy Trance, Forest and Darkpsy, what ever you desire and do you decide to visit us in Denmark, and you are in need of a Psychedelic Party Experience, you will easyly could be guided to the next Party taking place at Psyevents.DK on Facebook, where there are updated information about the Music scene, to find form all over the country. This growing Trance Society gives you a twist and turn of events every time you set foot at a danish Psychedelic Party, it dosen’t matter where you are, if you are at the small Hotspots or Underground even at the bigger Establishment, you will surely get a Psychedelic trip in the Music among the Party people who flows with lively warm and giving energy, which makes the Psychedelic Trance scene in Jutland so very special.


Main Artist:

Estefano Haze

Esefano Haze

More artists:

Dj Provison and Rolfikka: up coming Proggressive/full on dj’s not signed yet
Smølf/smurf: Hard rock Dj with UK Psy Trance as priority
Gaiazentrix: playing eccentric melodic Psytrance
Mat. Smooth catchy Progressive
Marc Maniac and Mads Filt: Dark psy and Forest
Morten Nonstop (till you drop): playing Progressiv Vocal Psytrance
Mathias Kjeldsen (Qze) Progressive Psy Trance
Woos Protoned: Plays it all


The most important Psytrance related label:

Triptonite Rec

Triptonite-Records on facebook

More labels

Free-Spirit Records
Parasomnia Music
Melting Runes Rec
qop: Qusition og Prog
Woos Protoned: Soundcloud Booking


The most important Party/Festival:


Utopia Festival on facebook

More parties:


Deco artist:

Name the most creative deco artist:

DPI – Decological Psyence Institute
Decological Psyence Institute

More deco artists:

Bohemian Groove
Twisted Universe
Trancer’s Paradise
Flik Flak Family

The preferred music style in your country:

Progressiv Psytrance

Party times:

Typical 21.00 to 05.00

Afterparty culture.

it mostly private hang outs after the small partys, but the Bigger Events have at some points Club openings for the people there are buying a ticket for some extra fee


it depends of what party you go to: 100-200Kr for the small Partys and 300-500Kr for the Bigger partys

Drug screening:

Denmark has upgraded in every level with Control at the door and in the communication with the police, so theys party are at high alert on drug patrols.

Points of interest:

Nature – Camping – Sailling – Campfire – Being Active outdoor in the summertime,
Visit the Tivolis and eating ice cream by the Beach

Best places for activities:

Enjoying the sunrises at the coastlines (Aarhus mainly) picknick in the woods.

Funny Stuff:


Did you know that this is a very harmonic and relaxing country to take a bike vacation in if you need a break form every day living, here is beautiful sighting on both sides of the main land and Fyn.

About the Author:


K Geronimo



About You:

Incarnated Trancer been out in the Psychedelic Society 6 years and fell quickly in love with the surroundings combined with same like minded People sharing the same interests for the fellowship and the free way thinking..

Your favorite Psytrance music ?

Progressive and Excentric Melodic Psy Trance

Your Role

Music Lover on the floor at the party hot spots and Psychedelic Party Reporter in Jutland (DK)
where i write about what is happening..
With the name: Trance Of Heart <3


Your Facebook Page:

K Geronimo on facebook

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