Despite being home to less than 6 million people, Denmark has been in the forefront of the psychedelic trance scene since the early days with artists like The Overlords and Koxbox. Also, you can’t ignore Iboga Records and Parvati Records: Based in the two biggest Danish cities, Copenhagen and Aarhus, the two trend-setting labels are both still going strong with more than 15 years behind them.

Copenhagen and Aarhus have historically been the major hotspots for parties in Denmark, yet not exclusively. Copenhagen is still booming with parties nowadays, and usually have one or two parties each week with international artists. Some of the Danish parties are big indoor events with sometimes several thousand people and big lineups, such as Elements, Tam Tam, Psy Olympics and Area 55 in Copenhagen, as well as Utopia and Luxudelic in Aarhus.

In general the bigger parties usually focus on progressive and full on, while there are also many smaller, more intimate parties, where you can also find more sub-styles of psytrance. Especially the forest psytrance scene has been thriving for years.

When it comes to outdoor parties, Denmark is sadly not in the best shape. In the summer-time (may to september) there’s usually a lot of outdoor parties, but the majority are illegal, so in most cases you’ll need to find out through a local. There has been some attempts to organize festivals over the years, but few have succeeded in making a festival on international scale.

As a party-destination the parties attract some people from abroad. However, be aware that the crowd at the bigger, more commercial Danish parties can vary a lot from other parts of Europe. Usually there are a lot of really big, muscular guys, which can seem intimidating and has been a part of giving Danes in general a bad reputation at festivals around Europe. However, at many of the smaller parties you will find a much more laidback crowd.

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