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Author: Jannick Andersen

Despite being home to less than 6 million people, Denmark has been in the forefront of the psychedelic trance scene since the early days with artists like The Overlords and Koxbox. Also, you can’t ignore Iboga Records and Parvati Records: Based in the two biggest Danish cities, Copenhagen and Aarhus, the two trend-setting labels are both still going strong with more than 15 years behind them. Copenhagen and Aarhus have historically been the major hotspots for parties in Denmark, yet not exclusively. Copenhagen is still booming with parties nowadays, and usually have one or two parties each week with international artists. Some of the Danish parties are big indoor events with sometimes several thousand people and big lineups, such as Elements, Tam Tam, Psy Olympics and Area 55 in Copenhagen, as well as Utopia and Luxudelic in Aarhus.

In general the bigger parties usually focus on progressive and full on, while there are also many smaller, more intimate parties, where you can also find more sub-styles of psytrance. Especially the forest psytrance scene has been thriving for years. When it comes to outdoor parties, Denmark is sadly not in the best shape. In the summer-time (may to september) there’s usually a lot of outdoor parties, but the majority are illegal, so in most cases you’ll need to find out through a local. There has been some attempts to organize festivals over the years, but few have succeeded in making a festival on international scale. As a party-destination the parties attract some people from abroad. However, be aware that the crowd at the bigger, more commercial Danish parties can vary a lot from other parts of Europe. Usually there are a lot of really big, muscular guys, which can seem intimidating and has been a part of giving Danes in general a bad reputation at festivals around Europe. However, at many of the smaller parties you will find a much more laidback crowd.

Vi ses!


Important Artist from Denmark:

Emok as a DJ, artist and label-boss for Iboga Records

More artists:

Morten Granau, Phaxe, Vice, Beat Bizarre, Emok, Banel, Reefer Decree, MVMB, OTB, Flowjob, Time In Motion, Novotech, N.A.S.A., Timedrained, Naughty Notes, Naturalize, Tripnosis, Anon, Flexus, Estefano Haze/Dream Architect, Multiphase

Koxbox, Jahbo, Onkel Dunkel, Abrahadabra, Insane Behaviour, Mussy Moody, Papiya, Red Eye Jedi, Alrune, Zoolog, AnnoyingNinjas, Mantra Flow, Gollu

Erot, Rishi, Filt

And many many more!


Important Psytrance label from Denmark:

Iboga Records
More labels:
Parvati Records, 432 Records, Dynamite Recordings, Fleye Records, Sofa Beats, Mighty Vibrations Records, Triptonite Records, MindDsign Records.


Important Party/Festival label from Denmark:


More Parties/Festivals:

Copenhagen Area: Elements, Psy Olympics, Iboga & Friends, My Wonderland, Tuben, Manic Movement, Pandora, Crystal Dimensions, Area 55, Trance4Mate, Russer i Lysthuset Aarhus Area: Protoned/Utopia/Psychedelic Issues, Luxudelic, Back To Basics, Epicentral, Future Frequencies. Other: Psychedelic Fairytales, Moonlight Open Air, Mighty Vibrations Records, + Many more


More Deco artists:
Bohemian Groove, Ambient Technology, Twisted Universe, Acid Monkeys On Bicycles


Preferred music styles inDenmark:

Progressive psytrance and full on

When parties are starting? When they are closing or have to close?:


Are there clubs that open in the morning, is it easy to find one, do peoples have open private afterhours…:

Some of the bigger events sometimes have to close early (around and therefore there are official afterparties running til around in the morning.

In general the afterparty culture is however mostly in private.

Tell us about prices. Average entry for a party (small – mid – big-sized), beer, water etc.:

Prices from entry vary from around 10-12 euro (smaller events) to up to 50-60 euros (bigger events) for a one-night party.

Especially at the bigger parties you can save a lot by buying in advance.

Beer usually cost around 4-6 euro while water costs 2-4 euros.

Note that in general prices in Denmark are quite high – not just at parties.

Are there traffic controls after parties / festivals, which kind of tests are used?:

At the biggest events the drug control is pretty strict. There has been problems with drugs like GHB in recent years, and therefore there is a strict policy concerning especially GHB.


Points of interest:

Christiania (Staden) in Copenhagen

Best places for activities:

Christiania (Staden) in Copenhagen and the Moesgaard forest near the beach south of Aarhus with its beautiful scenery. Wonderful place for a walk all year round.

Best place to stay:


Best place to eat:

Noma has been named the best restaurant in the world several times. Will set you back several euros however…


Something curious from Denmark:

The Danish national fast food (although getting harder to find) is a hotdog “med det hele” – including the Danish quirky “remoulade”.

The classic hotdog is not really suitable for vegans or vegeretarians though.



denmarks county report
pr0fane / Multiphase



His/Her role in the Psytrance community:

Mostly a music lover and enthusiast.

Have been a DJ for Iboga Records since 2007, and also produce music under the name Multiphase, where I have released on labels like Iono Music, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Furthur Progressions and Digital Nature Records.

Info about the author:

Psytrance listener since the 90’s, DJ and producer. Currently living in Aarhus, but have also previously lived in Copenhagen.

Authors Email:

the author:


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